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mitchell and ness throwback hats

i’m a sucker for anything that reminds me of my childhood, so when i rediscovered these mitchell and ness hats i thought they were worth a mention.  my first encounter with mitchell and ness came this past spring when i spotted some nba throwbacks at a local sporting goods store.  i dismissed them as too hip hop for me, but cool none-the-less.  last week when searching for a new bears hat, i found the mitchell and ness website (thanks google) and my jaw dropped.  i actually owned the original versions of all three hats above.  the hats are made with cotton twill or wool and feature the high crown retro shape and green under visor that we all loved when we were kids.  i’ve been complaining about how they don’t make snapback hats like they used to.  thanks to mitchell and ness i can’t complain any more.

the adjustment bureau

i caught the adjustment bureau yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed it.  i thought the movie did two things well: 1) they attempted to answer any questions they could about free will vs fate by carefully explaining everything that was happening in the lives of the two main characters (matt damon and emily blunt).  every time i had a question, they would answer it.  i realize that’s the purpose of the plot but a lot of movies forget that.  the second thing i enjoyed (2) was the style in the film.  say what you will about men in hats, but the characters in the film pull them off flawlessly.  we’re so used to seeing idiots in the clubs and on reality tv with ‘statement’ hats on that we forget hats can be a nice accessory to a well tailored suit.  the suits in the film are updated versions of your classic navy and gray standards.  when i say updated i mean better fitted with barely any break.  they looked great on screen paired with a matching tie.  i’d see it again.  it’s just a shame emily blunt is so hard to look at (kidding of course).