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red wing heritage collection 2012

this is what i like to call lazy blogging i.e. posting a video of something i’m interested in with little to no description or analysis.  the only thing i will tell you is that red wing boots are essential to my fall/winter “uniform.”  i rarely wear anything else – not even pants or a shirt; just boots (kidding of course).  the last thing i need is another pair of red wing boots i will never break in, but those 2922 chelsea rancher boots are steadily climbing to the top of my wish list.

red wing engineer boots

since this is somewhere around my 5th post about engineer boots in the past month, i’m going to go ahead and call them my next purchase.  i was holding out to order fryes until i saw those moto boots on monday.  the rub being that i have no connections to tokyo or moto.  as luck would have it i noticed some boots on red wing 1905 this morning that looked an awful lot like the moto boots.  i know most engineering boots look the same with the buckle at the bottom but there is a certain look and finish i’m looking for – mainly pronounced stitching at the sole (which the fryes don’t have) and a tobacco like finish.  the new engineer boots from red wing fit that criteria.  they don’t look as crispy (hope i’m using that word correctly) as the moto boots i want so badly, but i bet they’ll look close enough after several months of wear.