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new kicks: red wing 8881 olive mohave

i realize i have a red wing problem.  they keep releasing new boots and i keep buying them.  i end up returning most of them, but i think i’ve found a pair i’m going to hang on to for a while.  these 8881s come in their signature roughout leather with a cushion crepe wedge sole and both leather and gold/tan laces .  they’re built on the 23 last which means you need to size down if you plan on buying a pair.  i’m going to treat them with a nubuck/suede waterproofer and then take them for a spin this weekend.  nothing like breaking in another pair of red wing boots.

coach baseball glove billfold

hat tip to the esquire style blog for this piece of news.  for their spring 2012 collection, coach is releasing 200 hand-numbered wallets made entirely from vintage baseball gloves they’ve gathered over the past year.  i’m not much of a wallet collector, but i’d like to get my hands on one of these.  they’ll retail for $350 this spring.

new kicks

i saw these on uncrate.  instant purchase.  how could i not?  i gave you a couple of non-new balance options a few posts ago, but who am kidding?  i’m a new balance man and these are as fresh as they get.  the official name of the shoe is the 710 heritage trail shoe.  i could probably find a trail around here somewhere if i wanted to use them for that, but i think they’ll do just fine walking the streets of nashville.

pitti day one

i don’t really get too into pitti uomo or any kind of men’s fashion trade show but i saw these pics on gq’s site yesterday and figured i’d share them.  there’s a whole slide show there if you have the time, but these were the only 4 that really stood out to me – mainly because of the red wings, barbour, and filson.  when fashion shifts away from the “heritage look” i will lose interest pretty quickly.  everything is so accessible now.  i’m not sure that will be the case in a couple of years.  with that said, i’m going to enjoy it while i can.