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holiday gift idea: minnetonka moccasins

my parents gave me a pair of minnetonka moccasins two years ago for christmas, so believe me when i say they make an excellent gift.  they’ll run you about $55 and will be at your house in less than 24 hours courtesy of zappos.  it doesn’t get any easier (or better) than that.

holiday gift idea: warstic bat co. baseball bat

if you have any baseball obsessed individuals on your christmas list, give them one of these half dipped baseball bats from the warstic bat co.  it’s the perfect amount of swagger for that friendly sandlot game this spring.  they take 5-7 days to ship, so get your order in today if you want it here by next sunday.

holiday gift idea: bulleit bourbon

bourbon is always a good gift idea.  i can’t remember who turned me on to bulleit bourbon, but thank you.  it’s currently my bourbon of choice.  bulleit rye is phenomenal as well.  if you can’t find bulleit in your liquor store, then a bottle of pappy van winkle or maker’s mark will suffice.

holiday gift idea: flannel robe

every man needs a flannel robe and this black watch tartan flannel robe from j. crew is the one to get.  they had some in stock yesterday, but are sold out today.  keep checking back and grab one for yourself or someone on your list.

holiday gift idea: filson tote bag

i can’t believe it’s december 7th.  i’m behind in my christmas shopping as well as my holiday gift ideas.  for the next couple of weeks, i’ll be posting some things that have caught my attention over the last year that would be good items to give or receive for christmas.  my first holiday gift suggestion is this filson oil finish tote bag.  filson’s website says it was designed for “hauling, shooting, and field gear”, but if you’re not into those things then you can use it as a work bag, a beach bag or a manly looking diaper bag.

holiday gift idea

sterling belt buckle from ralph lauren.  they’ll also personalize it for your recipient for $15.  my dad gave me one of these on my 20th birthday.  great gift and something you can hang onto for a long time.

holiday gift idea

i realize we’re running out of time and this is not the sexiest gift idea ever, but i hate buying socks especially work socks, so why not request some for christmas.  these merino wool over-the-calf socks from brooks brothers are some of my favorites.  they’re a little pricey ($22 a pop), but the quality is worth it.  they also don’t sneak down your leg when you’re walking.

holiday gift idea

everybody needs a puppy at some point in their life and there’s no time better than christmas.  you might want to start looking as soon as possible, because a lot of breeders will plan on the holiday rush.  do your homework and get a dog from a good family/breeder.  rescuing a pup is always a good thing to do as well.  make sure whoever you’re giving the dog to has the time and money to take care of the pup.  they require more $$$ and time than you probably think.

holiday gift idea

the canon s95.  i’ve only had canon cameras.  i’m on my third one.  some called the s90 the best point and shoot camera you could buy.  this is the updated version.  if santa doesn’t bring me one for christmas, i might have to wrap one up for myself.