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hoof pick belt round up

the new year is a great time to pick up a new belt.  if you’re trying to lose the extra pounds you added during the holidays, buy one in the size you’d like to be in a few months.  #menswear is the ultimate motivator.  i’m a big fan of the hoof pick belt.  it’s a nice alternative to the sid mashburn joint i’ve been rocking for the past year.  i found a few of my favorites at different price ranges.  from top to bottom: apolis, hickorees, the knottery, and orvis.

you can’t go wrong with any of those.

the hoof pick belt

dreams of perfection is one of my daily reads.  paul does a great job with men’s style in the south.  one of my favorite picks of his is the hoof pick belt.  i’ve had the same belt for the last 7 years.  it’s time for an upgrade.  at $30 there’s no reason this shouldn’t be my next belt.  if you have a little extra time today, check out dreams of perfection.  it’s a great read.