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common projects chelsea boots


chelsea boots are suddenly en vogue.  well, maybe suddenly is the wrong word choice.  they never really go out of style.  they’re classics.

i’ve had my eye on these common projects chelsea boots since 2012.  i regret not following through with the purchase because kanye started wearing them and if ye’s wearing them then that means they’re going to be harder and harder to get (duh).  i’ve been hesitant to mention them on here because i wasn’t sure how i felt about the color choices – tan and grey.  i’m on board now.  you can pre-order a pair on barneys website, but they won’t ship until february.  we’ll call that they ye effect.


new balance cm1600 in heritage blue

if you’re a hypebeast reader, then you probably saw these the other day.  if you’re not, then you’re probably seeing them for the first time and that’s ok too.  i owned a pair of 1600s in college, but in “frat” grey (not really a color, but all dudes in fraternities have grey new balance shoes at some point in their college career).  i like this heritage blue color a lot better.  you can buy your very own pair at kitch nyc.  time to start working on my fall shoe game.