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ford, spielberg and lucas on the set of indiana jones

if you’re a regular reader of to take the train, then you know my obsession with the indiana jones movies.  i give steven spielberg and george lucas a lot of credit for shaping my imagination as a child.  i always thought at some point in my life i would move to hollywood and start making movies for a living.  there’s still time right?

over the holidays i saw spielberg’s new animated film the adventures of tintin – which reminded me a lot of indiana jonesi read spielberg discovered tintin when a review of raiders of the lost ark compared it to the long standing comic book written by belgian georges remi (who wrote under the pen name herge).  spielberg bought the movie rights shortly after herge’s death in 1983 and re-optioned them in 2002.  i enjoyed the film, but it made me crave more indiana jones movies.

when i got home from the theater, i went on a small quest to find inspiration in some behind the scenes photos of speilberg, lucas, and ford on the set of the indy movies.  i definitely found it in the following photos.  don’t worry i’m not going all safari shirts and bomber jackets in 2012, but come spring you might find a few things from these photos that have made their way into my personal style. Continue reading

fall boot debate 2011

i’m trying to save a little cash these days, so i’m allowing myself one new pair of boots for the fall.  i’ve narrowed my choices down to two: alden 403 “indy” boots and wolverine 1000 mile boots.  i like the price of the wolverines much better than the aldens, but i’ve heard the indy boots are really comfortable.  i’m giving myself a week to decide.  which one do you think i should go with?

alden 403

wolverine 1000 mile

nyc shopping list

i’m headed to nyc tomorrow to celebrate turning 30.  everyone keeps asking me what my wife and i are going to do and i have no problems saying that we’re going to eat and shop.  i’m not embarrassed.  i need a bunch of new clothes.  i went through my closet at the end of last winter and threw away pretty much everything.  i don’t even own a sweater.  i realize i could find most of the items i want online, but that’s no fun.  here’s my list of things i’ll be looking for that i cannot get in nashville:

– alden indy boots (priority number 1)

– shaggy dog sweater from j. press (erk recommendation pictured above)

– pea coat

– reasonably priced pair of double monks

– barbour coat liner (it’s supposed to be cold up there)

– brown wingtips

– another pair of apc new standards

– couple of shirts

looks like a bloggers christmas list.  not sure i’ll be able to afford all of this stuff, but damn it if i’m not gonna try.


speaking of indy boots

a little background on me: i was indiana jones for halloween from the ages of 8  to 14.  that’s 6 years of indiana jones.  i was obsessed as a child.  while most kids were watching looney tunes and the little mermaid, i was outside with my fedora whipping tress and neighbors.  it was a fairly easy halloween costume.  all you needed was a leather jacket, hat, khakis, and whip (i’ll see if i can’t get a picture from my parents at some point).  the only thing missing from my costume was boots.  how was i supposed to know what indy boots were when there was no internet.

a couple of years ago when i found men’s style blogs, i found out that there were actually boots named after indiana jones.  rumor has it harrison ford bought these boots from a store in la when he was a carpenter.  ford had a lot of trouble finding shoes and boots that feet his feet and the owner of store fritz fit him in alden 405s.  when the time came to shoot raiders of the lost ark, ford insisted that he wear the 405s instead of the red wing 1905s that the costume designer had purchased for him.  awesome story.

i went to new york last april determined to buy a pair for myself.  we went to the alden store on sunday and i chickened out.  the shoe salesmen was a little pushy and insisted the 8.5 fit me without a) being me and b) knowing how my feet felt inside the shoe.  i figured i’d do better on my own.  i’m headed back to nyc in january.  i’m not leaving without them this time.

indiana bettany

i realize this is a terrible title for a post, but check out the boots.  add indy boots to my list of holy grail clothing.  i’m dying to get a pair, but paying $500 for anything right now seems crazy to me.  maybe santa claus will bring me some this year.