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verdict: the patchwork shirt

valet’s ‘outlook’ column this morning is on patchwork shirts (left gant right mcnairy).  mark mcnairy calls it a ‘fun shirt’.  i call it a mess.  i’m not saying you shouldn’t buy one if it fits your style, but i don’t like them.  i remember seeing these as a kid.  i actually think my grandparents bought me one for christmas.  it reminded me of fruit stripes gum (if you remember that).  i realize they’re “in” this spring/summer since everyone from gitman bros. vintage to j. press is making a version, but i just don’t dig it.

j. press online rotating pictures

i received an email this morning from j. press with the title “spring/summer collection 2011.”  naturally i opened it immediately and clicked the link to the website.  i love j. press’ website.  it’s simple, understated, and doesn’t use a ton of flash.  it’s exactly like their clothes.

i’m not a website or graphic designer by any means, but i realize functionality is key to good design.  so many websites load up on flash making their sites nightmares to load and navigate around.  j. press online has their navigation in blue on the left side of the site.  click on any of the buttons and they take you to what you want to look at.  it’s good to see that j. press doesn’t feel the need to make their website hip because preppy is back in style.

i thought the rotating images they just added for spring were worthy of a post.  again, there’s nothing too flashy about the images, because the products speak for themselves.  any of those ties would be a fine addition to your collection.  i don’t fancy myself a big ribbon belt fan, but those look perfect for the spring.

j. press is a classy place.  if you’re in new york, d.c., boston or new haven, be sure to go by there and check out their spring collection.  if you’re not, then their website will do you just fine.

nyc weekend recap

i figured it’d be nice to give a little recap on my trip to new york this past weekend.  we stayed at the james.  it’s a newer boutique hotel in the soho area (grand street and 6th).  we loved it.  the staff was incredibly kind and the room was exactly what you’d expect from a newer hotel i.e. flatscreen tv, comfortable bed, huge shower, heated bathroom tile, no bed bugs, etc.  they also served wine and cheese at 5 which we hit up both friday and saturday.  if you’re in nyc and not staying at the james, it’s worth it to pop by and have a drink at the rooftop bar with a fireplace and ridiculous view of the city.  i would stay there again.

*please note i did not take any of these pictures, but did go to these locations

once we dropped our stuff off at the hotel, we walked down the street to balthazar.  i think 9 out of 10 people we spoke to about restaurant recommendations mentioned balthazar.  we made reservations at 12:30 but got in at 12 because we were starving.  i got the chicken club and my wife got the hamburger – both with fries.  i finished mine.  it was not the best meal i’ve ever had, but still very good.  next time i’m going for brunch.

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j. press for urban outfitters

stop the presses (pun sort of intended): j. press has officially announced a collaboration with urban outfitters.  kind of strange, but urban outfitters is quick to jump on any trend and preppy is trendy right now.  here’s the official word (via pursuit aesthetic):

Founded on the grounds of Yale University over 100 years ago, menswear label J. Press is iconic for its belief in quality above all else. With artfully tailored and distinguished designs, the elite sportswear brand has been a long-time favorite among U.S. Presidents, statesmen, and scholars. And this December, we’re pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration line with the label, J. Press for Urban Outfitters

“j. press is iconic for its belief in quality.”  i like that line because urban outfitters is not.  i haven’t purchased a shirt or anything at urban outfitters that hasn’t fallen apart in a couple of months.  i like their stuff, but it’s cheap.  hopefully, j. press will bring a touch of quality to uo.

shearling submission #2

re: the return of the shearling coat.  here’s a more traditional shearling coat from j. press if you’re after that 1970’s prep/trad look.  not a bad option if you have the cheese and aren’t worried about getting s**t from your friends.

fall essential

i know i’m not going out on a limb here with my fall essential choices.  mainly because i want this blog to be full of classics and things that i actually own or would wear (if i had the money in some instances).  ties are something that you shouldn’t buy cheap.  it’s obvious (and slightly embarrassing) when you’re wearing a cheap tie so plan on paying a little under or a little over $100 for a tie.  if you take care good care of it then it will last you several years – which is why i recommend you purchase a knit tie from  it doesn’t get any more classic than this.  it’s not necessarily a fall essential, but a life essential.  don’t believe me?  then check out the tie on my friend mr. west:

classic and classy.