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jack nicholson at home in 1969


these photos resurfaced a year or so ago.  i remember seeing them on or another blog.  i rediscovered them yesterday when i was looking for an old photo of jack to post on tumblr.  i’m a big jack nicholson fan.  i have been since tim burton’s batman.  it’s hard to argue that anyone in hollywood is as cool or will ever be as cool as jack.  photographer arthur schatz took these photos of jack right after easy rider came out which is the film that started his journey to becoming a hollywood legend.  i love these photos of him wearing his giant headphones.  i wonder what the hell he was listening to (probably the beatles backwards).  you can see all of arthur schatz’s photos on  here are a few of my favorites:


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fall inspiration: r.p. mcmurphy

one flew over the cuckoo’s nest is one of my all time favorite films.  if you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and add it to your netflix instant queue.  jack nicholson’s performance as r.p. mcmurphy earned him an oscar in 1975.  with that said, it’s not the most stylish film ever – unless you’re into hospital gowns from the 1970’s – but mcmurphy’s style outside of the institution is fall inspiration for me every year.  you can’t go wrong with an old pair of blue jeans, some red wing 875s, a denim shirt, and beat-up bomber jacket.  classic.  Continue reading

going gracefully

last night as i was looking in the mirror, it occurred to me that my hair won’t be here forever.  every haircut that i get from here on out could be my last (not really but in the interest of being dramatic i’ll say that).  my hair has been with me for 30 years now.  it’s shown no signs of going anywhere until a couple of months ago.  i don’t know if i’m super paranoid because i’m 30 or if it’s really receding at the pace i think it is.  either way it’s on my mind.

i’ve had a receding hairline for as long as i can remember.  in grade school, a good friend of mine was kind of enough to tell me about it.  i went home and asked my mom what he meant.  ever since then i’ve been slightly self conscious about my hair but in all honesty it still seems thick enough to sustain a couple of more years.

so yesterday evening as i pulled my hair back and gave my hairline a good look, i started thinking about those celebrities we see on a regular basis that have had receding hairlines and have gone about it the right way.  it’s encouraging for me to look at a heath ledger or a jude law and know that women still think these dudes are good looking.  if their hair can go gracefully, then why can’t mine.

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the oscars tuxedo

in honor of the academy awards tonight, i present to you the academy’s best dressed tuxedo wearers.  the oscars are the one night in hollywood where it’s a requirement for hollywood’s leading men to wear tuxes and the ones that look the best are the one’s that keep it simple and traditional.  but seriously, if you don’t look good in a tux then i can’t help you.   Continue reading

carnal knowledge: true prep at its finest

i caught a jack nicholson biography on tv about a month ago.  one segment of the bio mentioned jack’s 1971 film carnal knowledge.  when i googled the film, i was surprised to see it was directed by mike nichols – the same man that gave us the graduate. i added it to my netflix queue and finally watched it one night last week.  the film follows two friends (nicholson and art garfunkel) on their sexual escapades from their college days in the 1950’s to present day 1971.  nicholson’s character confuses sex with love and garfunkel’s character can’t stop searching for the ideal women.  both situations make things difficult for the protagonists.

plot aside, the style in the film cannot be overlooked.  it plays like a true prep’s checklist.  bow ties.  check.  tweed jackets.  check.  saddle oxford shoes.  check.  toggle coat.  add it to the list.  it’s ivy league style at its finest.  the girls look incredible as well.  in the second picture, garfunkel is trying to pick up a young candice bergen who’s wearing a yellow plaid skirt and tight sweater.  later in the film she has on a camel haired overcoat.  i give the film a b+ overall and an a for style.  click read more to see more stills.

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