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high fives: favorite movies


i’ve been writing on this website for almost 4 years.  i cannot believe that.  where did the time go (that’s a rhetorical question – we all know how time works)?  if you’ve been coming here for awhile, then you probably feel like you know me a little or maybe not at all or maybe you just want me to shut up and post pics of clothes.  regardless of how you feel, i had the bright idea yesterday to start posting random lists.  who doesn’t love a list.  i will stop traffic to read a list.  these lists might give you a better idea of who i am or it might inspire you to watch a movie you’ve never seen or pick up an album you never thought you’d listen to.  and if you’re not a fan of lists, then you must be terrible human being and i cannot help you.  i’m kidding ’cause that’s what i do sometimes.

we’re going to start this new series i’ve dubbed “high fives” with my top 5 favorite movies.  unfortunately, jaws barely missed the list.  that movie still frightens me to this day.  big thank you to my sister for making me watch it at a very early age.  i didn’t get in the ocean for a solid year after said viewing.  it’s also an incredible resource for fall style inspiration (see here).  other movies that barely missed the cut: raiders of the lost arkone flew over the cuckoo’s nestthe godfather, cool hand luke, and the dark knight. 

5. the departed


scorsese is and will always be my favorite director.  nicholson and dicaprio are two of my favorite actors.  the departed is a no-brainer on my high fives list.  i realize it’s heresy to put this movie ahead of taxi driver, raging bull, and goodfellas, but this is my list and i’m not trying to impress the internet or some a-hole critics.  after all, the movie did take home best picture and best director at the 2007 academy awards.

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need to see: 127 hours

i just finished the article in gq about danny boyle’s new movie 127 hours and in typical nashville fashion, 127 hours is not out here yet.  we’re usually the third wave to get movies (new york and la being first and dallas and others being the next).  i’ve been a big fan of boyle’s since 28 days later (i’ve never seen trainspotting believe it or not).  i’m also hearing a lot of oscar buzz around james franco.  i’ll admit i was little skeptical when i heard they were making a movie about the dude (aron ralston) that was trapped under a boulder for 127 hours, but the article i just read changed my perspective.  too bad i can’t go see it this weekend.

*side note: the first movie to be released across the entire country at the same time was jaws.  true story.

fall inspiration: jaws (post 2)

last friday i posted some stills from the the movie jaws (which is an unassuming influence on my fall style).  i love the norwegian sweater in the first still and wrote about it a couple of weeks ago.  above are a couple of other things i like from the film and below is where to find them.  

m65 jacket

ray-ban aviators

j.crew chambray shirt

j. crew broken chinos

l.l. bean fisherman’s hat

sperry top-siders

fall inspiration: jaws

i realize jaws is technically a summer movie, but the clothes in film resemble a lot of what i’m seeing now and what i like to wear in the fall: chambray shirts, norwegian sweaters, knit ties, and field jackets.  even the amity police jacket that brody wears looks a lot like a barracuda jacket.  i’ll put together a good place to find each item later this weekend.  in the meantime, enjoy these screen grabs.  there are more on the next page so don’t forget to click read more. 

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