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dad jeans

my old man (and one of my style icons) bought his very first pair of imogene + willie jeans today. after trying on both the willie and the barton, he went with the barton. it was his first time in the store and definitely won’t be his last. looking sharp, dad.

note: i snapped this pic before they took his measurements.  he didn’t walk out of the store with that much cuff.

dan auerbach inspired spring style

i have a bit of a dude crush on dan auerbach of the black keys.  we share the same affinity for red wing boots, nashville eateries, and good denim.  oh, and he makes kick ass music.  if i were rock star, i would treat my style the same way dan does: “the shit that i put on when i wake up every day is the shit that i wear on stage.”  with that said, i’ve put together an auerbach inspired kit for the spring.  i guess it’s time to add some short sleeve snap button western shirts to my arsenal.  after all, i do live in the snap button western shirt capital of the world.

levi’s short sleeve western shirt

gant rugger jean jacket

imogene + willie barton rigid jeans

oliver peoples sunglasses

frye emmett inside zip boots

born in the usa / bruce springsteen kit

bruce springsteen’s 17th album wrecking ball is out today.  i’ve heard a few tracks from it.  it sounds like vintage bruce.  i’m excited to give it a spin this morning.  springsteen occupied the jimmy fallon show last week by playing a couple of new tunes and dressing up like born in the usa bruce (you can check that out here).  i can’t say that born in the usa is my favorite boss album, but it’s hard to argue with the all-american style of it’s iconic cover.  here’s a tiny tribute to it in the form of a kit: 

j. crew broken-in pocket tee – you can save a lot of laundry detergent by buying an already broken-in t-shirt.

red yankees hat – that’s a red baseball hat in bruce’s pocket and not a bandana.  it was given to him by his buddy lance larson.  bruce put it his back pocket as a tribute to larson’s late father.

levi’s shrink to fit 501 jeans – fact: levi’s sales went through the roof after this album came out.

braided belt – i would not recommend a bedazzled belt like bruce is wearing on the cover.

frye engineer boots – the boss wears fryes.  who knew.  who also knew that frye is one of the world’s oldest bootmakers.  not me.

fender telecaster – i have a tele.  i f**king love it.


“i’m a long gone daddy in the usa.”

holiday gift idea: imogene + willie gift card

if you haven’t heard of nashville’s own imogene + willie, then you’ve been living under a rock.  they’re slowly taking over the world one pair of jeans at a time.  one of the top things on my christmas list is a gift card from their superb store.  and if you don’t live in nashville, you can check out the recently launched imogene + willie park & bond shop that features a lot of cool items like a 1954 gibson southern jumbo guitar.

my favorite cords

since college, i’ve always waited until georgia / florida weekend to pull out my cords for the fall.  i’m not sure why because it’s usually still hot in jacksonville, but it’s become somewhat of a tradition.  this weekend will be no different.  i’ve been through a hell of a lot of cords during this time and finally found a favorite: the levi’s 514 cords.  they’re a “baby wale” corduroy and fit the same as levi’s 514 slim straight jeans.  i appreciate thicker wale cords, but they just don’t look good on me.  the best part about these pants is that you can find them at most department stores and they won’t hurt your wallet.  they retail for under $65.

fathers day sale at imogene + willie

if you’ve been thinking about buying something at imogene + wille, this would be a good time to do it.  i was by there yesterday.  i love that place.  if you’ve never heard of them, then you don’t read enough blogs.  here’s a refresher:

the rules of the flip flop

there’s an epidemic that sweeps the nation whenever the weather heats up: men leave their homes wearing flip flops with jeans and other long pants.  you might be thinking why wouldn’t they – they’re easy to put on and they’re comfortable.  i don’t get it.  unless you live close to the beach or are a lifeguard there’s no reason to wear flip flops anywhere.  no one wants to look at your feet.  please understand i’m not talking to women.  i realize this is a double standard, but women take care of their feet.  men do not.  i hate walking into a nice restaurant or bar and seeing dudes wearing jeans or khakis with flip flops.  it’s lazy and looks terrible.  there are plenty of options out there that are just as comfortable and look better i.e. loafers, driving mocs, espadrilles, vans, etc.  with this in mind, here are my rules for flip flops:

1) never ever wear with jeans or pants if you’re not within a 5 mile radius of the beach.  in all honesty, i wouldn’t do it at the beach, but i can live with it there.

2) if you must wear them with shorts in the summertime because they’re comfortable and your feet sweat, then only do so when the weather is 85+ degrees.  you don’t want to be mistaken for a year-round summer rube.

3) never ever wear “strappy” sandals or crocs.  nothing says tourist or disney world like “strappy” leather sandals especially when paired with a nice pair of white socks.

4) buy cheap flip flops .

5) never wear flip flops with skinny jeans (see below).  it makes the skinny jeans look even more lame.  further more, never buy super skinny jeans.  they look like tights and you look super stupid.

6) do not wear a suit coat/sport coat or tie with flip flops (see below).  no matter how hard you try you cannot dress up flip flops.

7) never wear flip flops to a business meeting.  i don’t care if you’re a computer programmer or in the music biz.  no one wants to do business with someone with exposed feet.

i’m sure many of you will disagree with me here and that’s ok.  i just wanted to throw these rules out there in case i can persuade 1 or 2 of you to stop wearing flip flops with jeans.  it’s such a terrible look.

the gateway denim

the genius behind f**k yeah menswear posted something about denim yesterday.  in his post he referred to apc as “the gateway denim.”  i had to chuckle because apc is my first foray into the raw denim world.

last spring when i went to new york, the only thing i wanted was a pair of raw, untreated denim jeans.  my first stop on my quest was at self edge.  great spot.  i can’t remember the guy’s name that helped me that day, but he gave me the rundown on everything i needed to know when looking for the right pair of jeans.  i fell in love with one pair there, but paying $300 for my first pair of raw denim felt a little ridiculous.

the quest continued at several other spots including j. crew (who had just joined the raw denim world), rrl (where no one would help me), and a few other places.  apc was the last stop of the day.  i had done a little research on apc at a few bloggers recommendations so i knew what to expect when i went in there.  i first tried on the new standards and loved them.  the dude helping me recommended i try on the petit standards and said they looked better on me.  he was gay so i took his word for it.

i spent my whole saturday night in my new pair of apc petit standards.  i couldn’t walk or squat to tie my shoes, but that didn’t matter because i had what i came for.  i’m also 5’9” so i had to roll up my jeans a significant amount.  i think i looked ridiculous.  when i got back from the trip and showed them to my then soon-to-be wife, she was horrified.  they were dark and stiff and rolled.  i explained to her that they would break in over time and i would get them cut off soon enough.

it’s now been 9 months with my jeans and i probably couldn’t live without them.  i love them.  i look forward to coming home and putting them on.  they’re comfortable as hell and have started to age in the right spots.  i’ll probably give them another couple of months before i wash them.  i love the color and don’t want to lose it.  they’ve definitely become a piece of me.

i can see why apc is the gateway denim.  it’s cheap and it’s good quality shit.  i think i’ll go for the hard stuff when i buy a new pair this summer.  maybe some of that 21 oz shit.  maybe some of that imogene + willie shit all the bloggers are talking about.  i’m hooked.  there’s no turning back now.

style icon: paul newman

i couldn’t decide whether or not to call paul newman a style icon or the coolest guy that ever walked the face of the planet.  newman made casual cool.  i’m not talking oversized sweat pants and hoodies.  i’m talking about fitted jeans and t-shirts.  newman was comfortable in his own skin and probably didn’t think too much about what he looked like to other people.  confidence is king when it comes to style and newman had it.

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pendleton x levi’s

levi’s is kind of the whore of the fashion world right now.  i mean that in a good way of course.  after collaborations with brooks brothers, billy reid, and a couple of others, levi’s has now teamed with pendleton to offer various denim styles including jeans and jean jackets.  i’m intrigued.  more to come as the details are made public.