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steve mcqueen style: world war II service boots

like many #menswear bloggers, steve mcqueen was a major influence on my current obsession with personal style.  my first introduction to him came from his film the great escape.  a friend of mine told me he wore desert boots in the film, so i went to clarks and bought some desert boots.  it wasn’t until watching the film a second time that i realized his boots looked nothing like my clarks.  i went to the internet for answers and discovered that mcqueen’s boots in the great escape were world war ii service boots and not desert boots.  i spent the next several hours back on the internet looking for anything that resembled wwii service boots.  i found nothing…until now.  l.l. bean signature has recently released their very own version of the classic boot made with roughed out leather and a rubber soul.  they look pretty damn close to the boots in the picture above if you ask me.  time to put on your persols, fire up your triumph tr6 650, and make your own great escape (sorry i couldn’t resist).

if you’re looking for more information on some of mqueen’s other footwear choices, see my previous post on his playboy boots here.

bag it up

it occurred to me last week that i do not have a good way to transport my book, towel, and sunscreen from the house to the beach.  in the past, i’ve used an old northface backpack and it’s worked well, but it gives off a “hey i’m still in college” vibe that i’ve been trying to move past.  i started thinking about what i might need for my next trip to the beach and the answer is a tote bag.  if you think tote bags are girly, then you haven’t been paying attention.  there are plenty of manly options out there that will help you avoid looking like a mom taking her kids to the pool.  here’s a few of my favorites:

the bag above from w.m. j.mills & co is by far my favorite option for the beach.  it doesn’t get any more classic than a two-tone, canvas made bag with a lifetime warranty.

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more from l.l. bean signature

the shirt shop.  these are right up my alley and in my price range.  this page – pulled from their new catalog – gives the shirts more life than the ones found on the website.  if i had one piece of advice for l.l. bean signature, it would be to revamp their online store and make it more relaxed.  the models look stiff and uncomfortable – which makes me hesitant to buy their shirts.

l.l. bean signature crepe sole moc shoes & boots

if you’re like me and probably can’t afford anything from oak street bootmakers, then check out l.l. bean signature crepe sole moc shoes and boots.  you have your choice of brown or navy.  i’m thinking about pulling the trigger on the navy moc shoes.  might be a nice change from sperrys this spring.