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camera upgrade

last month i made the comment that i would be saving for a new watch.  i lied.  instead of upgrading my watch, i’m going to be upgrading my camera.  i’ve been wanting a new camera for as long as i can remember and haven’t had the stones to pull the trigger.  i’m planning on doing a lot of traveling for the remainder of the year, so it’s time to buy a nice camera to document these adventures.  i told a photographer friend of mine that i was in the market for a new camera, but didn’t want a point and shoot or a bulky slr.  he recommended the fuji x10.  i couldn’t sit here and tell you why it’s better than this camera or that camera, but i will say that when i went to the store to hold it, it felt right.  they also make these badass retro leather cases for it.  i’m sold.  you can expect better pictures on here shortly.