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shearling submission #2

re: the return of the shearling coat.  here’s a more traditional shearling coat from j. press if you’re after that 1970’s prep/trad look.  not a bad option if you have the cheese and aren’t worried about getting s**t from your friends.

the return of the shearling coat

shearling continues to pop up everywhere this fall.  i saw it last night in the movie let me in – which is set in 1983 when shearling was still in style.  i also noticed it a couple of months ago in the details fall photo shoot that was love story inspired.  i went a step further than that and watched love story the following weekend.  i didn’t enjoy the movie but appreciated the preppy/trad style.  with that said i haven’t seen a shearling jacket i like as much as the one above from orvis.  it’s a little pricey, but clearly great quality.  looks warm as hell too.  here’s a shot of ryan o’neal wearing his jacket in love story: