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filson mackinaw cruiser (for the 10th time)


i promise i’m not trying to beat a dead horse here.  i know i’ve mentioned this jacket at least twice on this blog and there’s a reason for that.  it’s my all-time favorite jacket.  when the weather hits the 30’s or below (like today), it’s all i wear.  i went to new york last december and it’s the only coat i took with me.  it was in the teens then and i wore it with just a flannel shirt.  i never got cold (maybe i’m an alien).  if it’s cold where you are and you need a new jacket, this is the one you want.  i can’t tell you which fit you need to get, because i bought mine before filson introduced the “seattle fit” which is a slimmer fit than their traditional “alaska fit.” (note to filson: maybe just call it slim and regular.  it’s confusing.  are people in alaska bigger than people in seattle?  i dunno.)  i bought mine true to size (38) in the old-school regular fit and it’s perfect.  you can buy your very own right here at


mackinaw cruiser vs the irvine jacket

the new j. crew catalog arrived sometime last week.  thumbing through it i noticed a jacket eerily similar to the filson mackinaw cruiser.  j. crew is calling it the irvine jacket (bottom pic).  it’s essentially the exact same jacket as filson’s.  it’s wool with chest flap pockets, handwarmer pockets, and buttons at the cuff.  it doesn’t look half bad, but i’d still go for the mackinaw cruiser.  filson’s been making their jacket since 1914;  j. crew since 2011.  no contest here.

now in black

it took everything in my power not to say back in black, but after 114 years, filson is now offering some of their most popular products in black.  it’s funny i would have thought they were making black belts and wallets for years now.  i guess not.  they’ve also added a wool peacoat to their lineup.  in all honesty, i’m partial to my grey mackinaw cruiser, but it’s always nice to have options.

time for a change

growing up is hard to do.  the year after i graduated from college i told my mom & dad all i wanted for christmas was grown up clothes.  what i meant was a nice jacket to replace the ratty north face fleece that i had been wearing for 7 years straight.  i searched for a worthy replacement but sadly settled on a new north face.  that was a period of time when i didn’t really give a shit about what i looked like (i was working in the music business where people wear flip flops year round).  now things have changed and wearing a north face or patagonia on a date (with my wife) or to the bar just doesn’t feel right – makes me feel like i’m still in college.  enter the perfect jacket for the weekend: the filson mackinaw crusier – tough enough to spend the days in the woods and good looking enough to make it to the bar with you after.  and just in case you were curious the old gray north face has been retired.