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don draper’s bomber jacket


mad men ends tonight.  it’s hard to believe.  i don’t watch a lot of tv, but it’s one that i’ve followed since the beginning.  i caught up on last week’s episode on my plane ride this morning.  the style highlight for me was don’s navy bomber jacket.  gq mentioned it earlier this week, but i’m not about to spend $429 on a bomber jacket i’ll wear a handful of times.  if you’re looking for a similar jacket at a fraction of the price, look no further than topman.  now all you need is a dope pair of aviators and some pomade and you will look just like retired don draper (not really but it will be a valiant effort).

top man bomber

the shock the world sport coat

i thought last sunday’s episode of mad men was one of the best (don’t worry there are no spoilers ahead).  at the beginning of the episode, don is asked by pete’s wife, trudy, to go to their house in the suburbs for dinner.  don has every intention of declining the invitation, but trudy won’t take no for an answer.  before they head to the ‘burbs, megan convinces don to wear the new sport coat she bought for him which turns out to be a very un-don draper looking coat.

it’s strange to see don in something other than dark grey or dark blue, but this is the theme of the season: don’s a changed man.  if megan wants him to shock the internet world by wearing a loud, plaid coat then by god don’s going to do it and i don’t blame him.  i might be in the minority here, but i really like don’s “shock the world” sport coat – it’s 2012’s answer to 2011’s “go to hell” pants.  and while i’m at it, i think we should have more dinner parties where jackets are required.  i just hope my guests would show up.

jessica pare “zou bisou bisou”

i’m sure most of you watched mad men last sunday night.  thank god it’s back on the air.  i missed it a ton.  one of the things i’m looking forward to this season is the evolution of jessica pare’s character, megan draper.  she was excellent in the first episode.  unlike don, i was impressed with her singing the 1960’s song “zou bisou bisou.” has a nice write-up on the origin of the song if you want to check it out.  and as if mad men couldn’t get any cooler, they’ve released a 7 ” of her performance which you can find here (it’s also on itunes but that’s not as cool as an actual record).  welcome back, mad men.

can’t wait for sunday

sunday used to be my least favorite day of the week.  in grade school, i would spend most sundays terrified of school the next day.  there was also never any good tv on.  in college, i began obsessing over professional football.  i was a college football fan first and foremost but then someone introduced me to gambling and fantasy football.  that was the beginning of the end.  now after a full day of football i have what’s arguably the best tv lineup of all time.  boardwalk empire, mad men, eastbound & down, and one another show that i’m too embarrassed to mention i watch.  i already can’t wait until this weekend is almost over.

king of cool

like the rest of the world i have a man crush on don draper.  he’s hard not to like even when he’s being terrible (like making peggy miss her birthday dinner last week).  last night’s episode was my favorite of the season.  i feel like we saw a side of don that we haven’t seen before.  he’s starting to look inward and that’s something we all can relate to.  or it may have been the “satisfaction” montage that kicked the episode off.  either way i’m ready for next week.

mad man

funny to see don draper with an iphone.

mad men

one of my top 5 favorite shows of all time.  if i’d had a rankings system it would go seinfeld, curb, mad men, arrested development, and 30 rock.  done.