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trip to vegas

i apologize for the lack of recent posts.  i went to vegas last weekend and i’m still recovering – mainly due to lack of sleep more than anything else.  i try to get out there once a year to remind myself how much i hate that place.  that’s not entirely true.  i enjoy the build up to the trip and being out there, but when i get home i’m miserable for several days and tell myself i’m never going back.

we didn’t do anything too wild and crazy.  we mainly sat in the sportsbook for two days and bet on football games.  few things are more enjoyable to me than watching an nfl game with a little bit of money on the line.  i’m sure the other patrons of the sportsbook would agree.

the other highlights of the trip were a visit to the new las vegas city center and dinner at my favorite restaurant in the us: strip steak.  attached to the city center is a luxury shopping center called crystals.  we stopped by there to visit the brunello cucinelli store.  i didn’t buy anything, but saw a few blazers i planned to purchase after winning all that dough (i didn’t win any dough).

i had an interesting conversation with one of my buddies during a late night people watching chat.  it’s amazing to me that las vegas is so casual.  nobody dresses up any more.  the city built by sinatra and dino now looks like it’s run by mtv.  i’m sure the casinos don’t mind who they get their money from, but it’s depressing that so many men prefer warm up shorts and ugly t-shirts to a nice pair of pants and a sport coat or even a suit for that matter.  i wish someone would come along and build a casino with a dress code.  can you imagine the buzz that would create?  men would have to have a sport coat or blazer on while in the casino or lobby.  they could put signs everywhere that read: no shorts, t-shirts or flip flops allowed after 5pm.  i realize not everyone can look like they were dressed by the internet (see me below), but a casino with a dress code would be a wonderful thing.

in regards to the above picture, i couldn’t decide what i wanted to wear on the plane.  it was going to be in the 50’s in vegas so i needed to take a vest or light jacket for the day time.  i thought about throwing my puffy vest over my blazer, but i felt a little too #menswear.  i opted to stuff my liddesdale in my bag instead (probably even more #menswear).  i desperately need a haircut.  trust me i know.