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want: mark mcnairy saddle shoes

i’ve given in to the hype.  mcnairy makes incredible shoes.  these two-tone saddle shoes from his new amsterdam collection are flawless.  now i just need to figure out where i can order a pair from – preferably in the states.  #suckerforredbricksoles

mark mcnairy in garden and gun

i’m hoping this picture looks a lot better on your computer than it does on my awful work computer (dell).  i caught this page in the newest issue of garden and gun with the avett brothers on the cover.  i have a love/hate relationship with mark mcnairy.  some of his collections are a little too off-the-wall for me – like the white bucks with the bright blue sole – but occasionally he will surprise me.  i almost wrecked my car when i saw these double monk bucks.  i’m a sucker for red brick soled shoes.  he seems to like them too since 70% of his shoes have them.  i also love the long wing boot he did with engineered garments.

on another note, i still don’t own any double monks because i can’t find any that i like.  i emailed lawrence of sartorially inclined while i was in new york to ask him where i could find a pair in a decent price range ($250-$450).  he told me you couldn’t get quality double monks for that price and to wait for his run of the mill ones to come out this spring.  my curiosity is piqued.  i’m looking forward to seeing those.

saddle shoe spectrum (via valet)

i think valet and i are on the same page about saddle shoes this fall.  if i had the cash i’d probably throw down for the mark mcnairy’s but you can’t go wrong with any of the other three.  here’s another looks at the mcnairy’s:

mcnairy for engineered garments

i’m not a fan of everything mcnairy touches but i really like these.