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the talented mr. ripley

this is the summer of the italian revolution.  the blogs that used to talk about work wear and americana have traded in their red wings for a pair of double monk strap shoes.  this is not necessarily a bad thing.  the italians have been dressing the same way since the beginning of the 20th century and they do it so well.  one film that showcases italian style is the talented mr. ripley set it 1955 and starring matt damon and jude law.  i watched it for the first time last night and enjoyed the style and scenery aspects of the film, but not necessarily the story (it’s pretty messed up).  my favorite part of the film was freddie miles’ (philip seymour hoffman) 1955 alfa romeo guiletta spider convertible.  i’m not necessarily a car person, but it’s in my genetic makeup as a male to love old cars and mr. ripley has several worth mentioning.  rather than grainy screen grabs, i figured i’d post a few of my favorites from images i stole via google (my apologies if they belong to you).

alfa romeo guiletta spider

lancia aurelia convertible

jaguar xk 120 roadster

fiat 1400

piaggio vespa

the adjustment bureau

i caught the adjustment bureau yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed it.  i thought the movie did two things well: 1) they attempted to answer any questions they could about free will vs fate by carefully explaining everything that was happening in the lives of the two main characters (matt damon and emily blunt).  every time i had a question, they would answer it.  i realize that’s the purpose of the plot but a lot of movies forget that.  the second thing i enjoyed (2) was the style in the film.  say what you will about men in hats, but the characters in the film pull them off flawlessly.  we’re so used to seeing idiots in the clubs and on reality tv with ‘statement’ hats on that we forget hats can be a nice accessory to a well tailored suit.  the suits in the film are updated versions of your classic navy and gray standards.  when i say updated i mean better fitted with barely any break.  they looked great on screen paired with a matching tie.  i’d see it again.  it’s just a shame emily blunt is so hard to look at (kidding of course).

the oscars tuxedo

in honor of the academy awards tonight, i present to you the academy’s best dressed tuxedo wearers.  the oscars are the one night in hollywood where it’s a requirement for hollywood’s leading men to wear tuxes and the ones that look the best are the one’s that keep it simple and traditional.  but seriously, if you don’t look good in a tux then i can’t help you.   Continue reading

weekend plans

the first movie i ever saw on a christmas day was tombstone, so i have no problem spending my christmas at the movies watching a western.  the reviews on true grit have been stellar.  the coen bros don’t make bad movies.  admit one please.