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sid mashburn double monks now in black and suede

the most talked about men’s shoe in the blogosphere, the double monk strap, is now available in black and suede from the internet’s most talked about men’s shop sid mashburn.  both look phenomenal.  my brown double monks have quickly become my favorite pair of kicks for work and weekend (i can’t wait to get them back by the way).  if you’ve been thinking about jumping on the double monks train, now is the time to do it.  get after these.  you won’t regret it.


holiday gift idea: flannel robe

every man needs a flannel robe and this black watch tartan flannel robe from j. crew is the one to get.  they had some in stock yesterday, but are sold out today.  keep checking back and grab one for yourself or someone on your list.

industry of all nations portenos saddle loafers

today i saw the image above on almost every tumblr i follow.  it’s jason bateman sporting a pair of industry of all nations loafers while filming his new movie the longest week.  i really like the way the saddle color looks with a navy suit.  i don’t know too much about industry of all nations except that they try to produce products in the countries they originated using materials and local businesses in those countries.  basically, when you buy these shoes, you help out a poorer country.  you might as well.  it’s the holiday season.

the longshoreman necktie from the knottery

shame on me for not mentioning the knottery before now.  jay and jack make great looking ties, pocket squares, and belts that won’t hurt you wallet, but look like they did.  for this holiday season, they created a tie that looks an awful lot like a certain norwegian sweater you’ve been telling people you’ve had since the 80’s.  the best part about it – besides how incredible it looks – is the price.  you can get your own longshoreman necktie for $25.  you better place an order before it’s too late.

new 1400s from j. crew

j. crew has started to release some spring items on their website.  something i noticed immediately were new colorways for the new balance 1400s.  as i stated earlier this week, i’m a big fan of gray athletic shoes.  i like the green and navy 1400s, but these are now my favorites.  the other two new colors are a nasty looking orange and black.  not sure what they were thinking there, but you can’t hit a home run every time.

if you make it over to the website, be sure to check out the alden chukkas (in suede and shell cordovan).  i’d kill for the shell cordovan chukkas, but at $600 i don’t think i’ll be seeing them any time soon.  there’s also a bunch of other stuff that was released but not as exciting as these two items.

j. crew spring/summer 2011 preview

j. crew had their spring/summer 2011 preview yesterday.  i feel like it’s a lot of the same (which is not a bad thing), but the cuts are a bit slimmer.  they seem to be moving farther away from prep and more towards nautical hipster.  i’ll be honest, i usually don’t buy a ton of spring/summer items from j. crew – maybe a few shirts and a pair of shorts – so i’m not going to post a bunch of pictures you can find elsewhere.  besides who’s really wearing blazers in the summer anyway?

the return of the shearling coat

shearling continues to pop up everywhere this fall.  i saw it last night in the movie let me in – which is set in 1983 when shearling was still in style.  i also noticed it a couple of months ago in the details fall photo shoot that was love story inspired.  i went a step further than that and watched love story the following weekend.  i didn’t enjoy the movie but appreciated the preppy/trad style.  with that said i haven’t seen a shearling jacket i like as much as the one above from orvis.  it’s a little pricey, but clearly great quality.  looks warm as hell too.  here’s a shot of ryan o’neal wearing his jacket in love story: