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new watch

i finally joined the pseudo-military watch club.  i’ve been looking for a new watch for 3 years and haven’t been able to justify spending a lot of money on one.  my new timex camper will be a holding watch to get me through until i have the cheese to buy a nice one.  i made the executive decision to pounce on this particular watch when i found out it was only $18.  that’s a price you can’t beat.

initial reaction: when i pulled it out of the packaging, i thought the face was a bit small, but it’s grown on me since last night.  i really dig the green band.  good luck finding anything this nice for under $20.

if i had four thousand dollars

i would buy this bell and ross military watch.  i need a four thousand dollar watch like i need a hole in the head but this thing looks indestructible.  i could give it to my kids or something.

military watch

i’ve wanted a military watch since j.crew released their version of the classic timex a couple of years ago.  i just couldn’t spend $150 on a watch that looks like it cost $10 to make.  luckily a trip down south has some alternatives like the one above.