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the new “original” watch from swiss army

a blog to read has a nice write up on swiss army’s new “original” watch.  in a nutshell, it’s a more fashionable reproduction of the classic original watch they introduced in 1989.  with military watches and nato straps back in style, they’re going to sell a boatload of these.  the new original watch will retail for under $300.  i’ve got dibs on the black one.

for a better fit

i mentioned the m-65 jacket last week and how i wanted one.  i ended up ordering the jacket from the army surplus site i mentioned.  it came this weekend and i couldn’t have been more excited to throw it on, and then i threw it on.  it was huge.  i took it off and checked the size again.  it was definitely a medium.  i looked in the mirror one more time.  the sleeves seemed to hit in the right places, but the jacket swallowed me.  my wife even asked me why i insisted on wearing clothes that made me look frumpy.  she had a point.  i looked stupid.  i began to think of the fatigue jacket i saw at j. crew and how i wondered if it might be a better fit, so i went to the mall and tried it on.  the medium fit me perfectly.  it was snug in the right parts and actually looked nice.

i’ve always been a hater of the unauthentic.  if i was going to get an m-65 jacket, i was going to get the real mccoy.  i didn’t want some designers interpretation of one.  this weekend i learned my lesson.  as cool as military stuff is, it exists for a reason: to serve the military.  it doesn’t look cool on some slightly overweight 30-year old who is probably way too into movies about vietnam.  in the future if i want to go military, then i’m going unauthentic.  i choose not looking frumpy over having to make up some lie about how my vietnam vet uncle gave me his m-65 jacket (not that i would ever do that).

the m-65 field jacket

valet and i must be on the same page.  i watched deer hunter last weekend and that got me thinking about taxi driver – which comes out on blu-ray april 5.  both are must see films if you’re a de niro fan.  the m-65 field jacket is a classic and worn by de niro’s character in the film.  it replaced the m-51 jacket during the vietnam war to keep the soldiers warm after the monsoonal rains.  the big difference between the m-51 and m-65 is that the m-65 is made out of nylon and the m-51 was made out of a heavy cotton.  the m-65 is a nice light-weight jacket to transition you from winter to spring.  it’s also a favorite of film-maker/blogger jake davis.  buy yours here.

barbour ursula jacket

barbour is releasing a re-creation of a military jacket named after a ww2 sub.  it’s made of heavyweight 8oz durawax.  it looks incredible.  might be a nice addition to my growing coat collection.