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spring/summer essential: no show socks

we had our first consecutive nice days this past weekend which meant it was the first time of the new year that i went sockless.  or did i?  you would never know if you looked at my feet but i was wearing these no show socks from vans.  i prefer these no show socks to other ones because they’re cheap and tight.  they fit my foot like a glove – there’s no excess sock.  they also come in black.  they’re a must have if you go sockless in the spring and summer and don’t want your feet to stink.  there’s no worse feeling than being in an inclosed space and realizing that grassy, foul smell is your feet.  you can thank me later.

a good investment

if your boat shoes, slip-ons or moccasins are beginning to stink up the joint then it might be a good time to invest in mocc socks.  they’re cut low to make it look like you’re wearing no socks at all.  they hide your feet and your stink.