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the perfect summer cocktail: the moscow mule


as I mentioned in an earlier post, i’m at the beach this week which means rest, alcohol, and good food. last night for our first anniversary my wife and i went to fish out of water at the watercolor inn. while scanning the drink menu, i noticed plenty of beach-inspired, sugary cocktails to please the ladies, but nothing for the men, so I enlisted our waiters help. his first recommendation was the moscow mule (something i had passed over due to the name). he assured me it was exactly what i was looking for: a no sugar, old-school cocktail served in the “traditional” copper tin. how could i argue with that? i’m glad i took his advice. it was the most refreshing cocktail i’ve had in a long time.

the moscow mule is made with vodka, fresh lime juice, ginger beer and – as stated above – served in a copper tin. the drink was invented in new york in the 1940’s and taken to los angeles by one of its creators, john “jack” morgan of sunset boulevard’s cock ‘n’ bull tavern. according to a 1942 insider hollywood article, the drink became the “craze in the movie colony.” and i’m glad it did. it’s easy to make, easy to order, and easy to drink – the perfect summer cocktail. cheers.