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three r.e.m. albums you must own

yesterday you might have heard that athens georgia’s own r.e.m. announced they were breaking up after 31 years.  you probably didn’t care, because you probably thought they were already retired or maybe you just don’t like them (they seem to be a very polarizing band).  regardless of how you feel about them, they released 15 albums during those 31 years.  i thought i’d take a quick minute to name the 3 i listen to the most.  i’m not saying these are their best; just the ones i listen to the most.

automatic for the people.  i take back what i said above.  this is their best work.  hands down.  if you’re going to own one r.e.m. album, this is the one to get.  don’t let “everybody hurts” turn you off to the rest of the music.  check out “drive”, “sweetness follows”, and “nightswimming.”

reckoning.   most people would tell you to download murmur (their first album) before reckoning.  i disagree.  reckoning is chicken soup for the ears.  “pretty persuasion” and “so. central rain (i’m sorry)” are two of my all time favorite r.e.m. songs.

monster.  monster turned a lot of fans off, because they turned up the fuzz on their guitars.  it’s an eclectic mix of tunes and found the band at their most experimental.  it works.  if you don’t believe me, listen to “crush with eyeliner”, “star 69”, and “tongue.”