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new 1400s from j. crew

j. crew has started to release some spring items on their website.  something i noticed immediately were new colorways for the new balance 1400s.  as i stated earlier this week, i’m a big fan of gray athletic shoes.  i like the green and navy 1400s, but these are now my favorites.  the other two new colors are a nasty looking orange and black.  not sure what they were thinking there, but you can’t hit a home run every time.

if you make it over to the website, be sure to check out the alden chukkas (in suede and shell cordovan).  i’d kill for the shell cordovan chukkas, but at $600 i don’t think i’ll be seeing them any time soon.  there’s also a bunch of other stuff that was released but not as exciting as these two items.

new from l.l. bean signature

it didn’t take me long to get over my issue with l.l. bean.  like i said it was probably my fault for procrastinating.  yesterday they released a couple of new items for l.l. bean signature.  the v-neck nordic sweater and the crepe soul moc boot are my favorite of the new arrivals.  the sweater is available now and the boots are available for pre-order.  i will be purchasing the sweater tomorrow post-payday.