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allen edmonds shoe recrafting

last winter’s weather was unkind to my allen edmonds park avenue shoes.  the wet ground caused the soles to wear off sooner than they probably should have.  i thought about taking them to a local shoe repair shop to get resoled, but remembered that one of the reasons i chose allen edmonds was to try out their recrafting process.  i sent my shoes off monday and received an email this morning saying i should have them back in 2-4 weeks.

when you get your shoes recrafted at allen edmonds, you have four packages to choose from: new heels, refinishing, standard, and prestige.  i opted for the prestige because you get all the other options plus shoes trees and shoe bags.  i can’t wait to get them back.  they’re in such bad shape that they may just send me a new pair.  i’ll post pics when they arrive.  i was going to take some before pics, but was embarrassed to post them.  they looked like the kind of shoes that a hobo might catch fishing in an old cartoon.

don’t forget to check out the video above to see more of the recrafting process.