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drake – more life and clarks collab


drake’s long anticipated more life dropped on saturday night.   i just read it broke the 24 hour streaming record with 89.9 million streams.  wow.  that’s insane.  i’m about 4 full spins through and i really really like it.  on a scale of 1 to take care, it feels like a solid 8 right now, but that rating could go up with each listen.  there’s a lot going on in this record.  it’s going to take some time to truly dissect it.  with that in mind, stand out tracks to me are: “passionfruit”, “portland”, and “ice melts.”  that should give you a nice start for your spring break playlist.

in other drake news (and also on saturday night), he posted an instagram picture of some custom made ovo clarks desert boots.  hmm.  very interesting.  is there an ovo / clarks collaboration on the way?  i’m not a hypebeast by any means, but i do love me some clarks.


buy this album: metamodern sounds in country music


hello again.  you might not remember me.  i used to write here all the time and then suddenly stopped.  i hope you didn’t think the worst.  anyways, i’m back and i’ll be 100% back in a couple of weeks.  i wanted to go ahead and recommend an album for you to purchase: sturgill simpson’s metamodern sounds in country music.  you’re probably thinking to yourself, “he hasn’t written anything in a month and a half and this is what he comes back with?”  solid point, but this album is that f’ing good.  it’s not bro country or that other kind of cunt-try you’ve heard on your local radio station.  this is throw-back, balls-out, outlaw country.  you know the kind of country your dad used to tell you about over a couple of pbrs.  go download it, crack open a cold one and thank me later.

on the stereo lately

people keep emailing and asking me what i’ve been listening to lately (this is a flat out lie – no one has emailed me).  here’s what’s been on constant rotation the past few weeks:

jimjames copy

jim james regions of light and sound of god: the my morning jacket frontman can do no wrong in my eyes.  he gets better (and weirder) with age.  check out “state of the art (a.e.i.o.u.)” and “a new life.”


wild cub youth: wild cub is making some of the coolest music coming out of nashville right now (and no, it’s not country).  youth came out last fall, but recently it’s been picking up a lot of traction.  they played rebecca minkoff’s runway show during new york fashion week and have been selling out west coast tour dates.  i would recommend jumping on the bandwagon now, because they’re going to be everywhere in a few months.  check out “thunder clatter” and “colour.”

bonus selection:

Emerson Brothers

donnie and joe emerson’s song “baby”: you’re going to need to go ahead and get over the cover art.  trust me, i thought it was a joke too, but it’s not.  there’s a cool story behind this album (click here to read the la times piece on it).  the only track i own is “baby.”  i couldn’t tell you if the rest of the album is good and honestly i don’t care.  “baby” is my jam and it should be one of yours too.


what i’m listening to

cults cults.  it ain’t the beach boys but it’s what summer music should sound like.  initially, i was afraid of this album because pitchfork was so excited about it, but after a two song preview i hit purchase on the whole thing.  it’s full of songs you’ll soon hear in every beer commercial.

arctic monkeys suck it and see.  the title is goofy, but the music is incredible.  their last album was a bit of a let down, but their forth lp is the best since their debut.  the boys are growing up.

bon iver bon iver.  it’s amazing how much hype has been attached to bon iver.  there was hype after “skinny love” leaked.  there was hype after for emma came out and even more hype after kanye asked him to contribute to his last album.  he’s handled it like a champ and made an album every bit as good as his debut.

new tune tuesday with mmj

buying new music on tuesdays is one of my favorite past times – especially when one of my favorites puts out a new disc.  this morning my morning jacket released their sixth album circuital.  i was one of the few that really enjoyed 2008’s spastic evil urges, but this go-round mmj ditch the experimental stuff and return to being a rock band.  jim james said the band got together and played their whole catalog before writing new material.  it shows on circuital.  circuital takes the best elements of their previous work and ties them together to create an instant classic.  it still moves is currently my favorite mmj album, but i have a feeling circuital will surpass it in time.  go get this album.

the strokes angles

the strokes new album angles comes out next tuesday, but you can preview the whole thing right here.  i’m beyond excited for some new music from these guys.  i’ve tried to stay away from reading too much about the album because i wanted to form my own opinion, but i cheated.  i listened to it last night and let it sit.  i’m listening to it again and i love it.  nothing will ever top is this it but that album was more than an album.  it defined music for the next decade.  i can’t believe it’s been 10 years since the strokes burst on to the scene.  welcome back.

new music

ryan adams and the cardinals released a two-disc set of songs from the easy tiger and cardinology sessions.  it’s appropriately titled iii / iv.  it’s also really good.  it’s not the best thing he’s ever done with the cardinals (that would be jacksonville city nights), but it’s worth several spins.