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just like new

this post would be more exciting if my dumbass would have taken a couple of “before” pics.  as i mentioned last week, they were in such bad shape that i was embarrassed to show how far i let them go.

i received my recrafted park avenue shoes on monday.  they look brand new.  i left the flash on the camera so you could see just how polished they are.  i went with the “prestige” package which included shoes trees and shoe bags in addition to the new sole (love the hammer detail) and refinish.  allen edmonds threw in a nice thank you card with a $35 gift certificate and some polish.  your local shoe repair man could give you a nice resole, but nothing this fine.  one more reason why i buy shoes from allen edmonds.

new soles

i’m finally going to take the 875s for a spin this weekend.  i’m not gonna lie i’m nervous about the size.  i hate paying for shoes and discovering a week later that i got the wrong size.  everyone says to size down in red wing, but these dude’s at the red wing store made me order my appropriate size.  i’m conflicted.  i don’t trust my feet anymore.  here’s hoping these work out.