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the best no show socks on the market


it’s officially hot af (as f**k) outside which means it’s time to show a little ankle.  the best way to accomplish this summertime task is through no show socks.  it may sound like an easy thing to buy, but it’s not my friend.  i’ve tried out several pairs and found the best one’s on the market.  stance’s no show socks are a cut above the rest.  high five!  they fit like a glove and don’t fall down while you’re wearing them – which is exactly what you want from a no show sock duh.  ordering tip: buy a size down than whatever they recommended.  you’ll thank me later.  you can get a 3 pack here for $25.  that is a frickin’ deal.

the best no show socks on the market

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the weather in nashville was perfect this weekend which means spring no show sock season has officially begun.  i’ve tried almost every no show sock on the market and keep coming back to these: vans canoodle super no show socks (damn! that’s a mouthful).  i stumbled upon them by accident at a vans store in denver 3 or 4 years ago.  i didn’t realize they were technically women’s socks, but it doesn’t matter.  they do the trick.  they don’t bunch up at the toe or slip down your heel when you’re walking.  hands down they are the best no show socks you will find.  give them a shot this spring/summer if you’re looking for something to help keep your feet from being the smelliest on your block.  your lady will thank you.


spring/summer essential: no show socks

we had our first consecutive nice days this past weekend which meant it was the first time of the new year that i went sockless.  or did i?  you would never know if you looked at my feet but i was wearing these no show socks from vans.  i prefer these no show socks to other ones because they’re cheap and tight.  they fit my foot like a glove – there’s no excess sock.  they also come in black.  they’re a must have if you go sockless in the spring and summer and don’t want your feet to stink.  there’s no worse feeling than being in an inclosed space and realizing that grassy, foul smell is your feet.  you can thank me later.