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the longshoreman necktie from the knottery

shame on me for not mentioning the knottery before now.  jay and jack make great looking ties, pocket squares, and belts that won’t hurt you wallet, but look like they did.  for this holiday season, they created a tie that looks an awful lot like a certain norwegian sweater you’ve been telling people you’ve had since the 80’s.  the best part about it – besides how incredible it looks – is the price.  you can get your own longshoreman necktie for $25.  you better place an order before it’s too late.

ode to the norwegian

i really want one of these l.l. bean norwegian sweaters.  i’ve been talking about ordering one for a year now.  when catching up on my blog roll yesterday, i saw skip at alex grant posted an “ode to the norwegian.”  sounds like reason enough to finally click buy.  if you have some free time, head over to skip’s site and check it out.  he also does these “date nights” where he and n’east style watch a movie  together and post kits based on the style of the male and female leads.  they did rushmore last night.  thanks for the inspiration, skip.

l.l. bean norwegian sweater

i watched jaws this past weekend and for the first time paid close attention to some of the clothes in the film (i’ll post screen grabs later).  one item that stuck out was the sweater the drunk dude wears in the first scene of the movie.  at the bonfire on the beach the dude is dressed in shorts and a sweater that looks like this one from l.l. bean.  from what little research i’ve done, i found out that this particular sweater was made in the 70’s so there’s a distinct possibility that the two are very similar.  since old school prep is back in full force, go ahead and grab one for the winter.