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oak street bootmakers trail socks


good socks are hard to find.  once you find a pair that you like on your feet, you need to go ahead and buy 2 or 3 more pairs of the same socks.  trust me you will use them.  earlier this week oakstreet bootmakers released their own version the trail sock and they are amazing.  here are the stats: 85% recycled cotton; 13% nylon; and 2% spandex.  they are also made in the usa.  and do you want to know the best part?  they are only $8 a pair.  you read that right.  you can load up here, but don’t waste any time as they are going fast.


oak street bootmakers field boot

good news: i’m not dead.  i’ve been extremely busy at work, so blogging has taken a temporary backseat.  i’ll be back on my grind next week.  i’ve got a few exciting things cooking.  in the meantime, check out these pics of the new field boot from oak street bootmakers.  it’s made from brown horween chromexcel leather with an olive waxed upper and vibram commando sole.  instant classic in my opinion.

oak street bootmakers trail oxford

i hate the internet.  it’s an enabler for someone like me.  earlier today i was going through some of my favorite tumblrs when a picture of some beat-to-hell oak street bootmaker trail oxfords popped up.  they looked fantastic.  i went to oak street’s website to order some, but found out they were backordered 6 weeks (who has that kind of time?).  luckily i remembered a friend of mine told me imogene + willie just started carrying the trail oxford.  since i’m a 5 minute drive from i + w, i figured i might need to go check them out in person.  the plan was to try them on now and purchase them later, but they were too comfortable.  i bought them on the spot.  i guess i’m a sucker for horween chromexel leather and a vibram sole.

sizing tip: go a half size down.

finding their groove

here’s another good one from oak street bootmakers – the navy hunt boot.  it seems to me that they’ve found their groove.  these boots look incredible.  i’ve blown my boot budget for the year, but if you have some cash to spare then please purchase a pair of these and then send me the pics.  thanks.

oak street chukkas in navy

looks tough.  buy some here.

oak street bootmakers

oak street bootmakers are blowing up the blog world today.  i caught them on james wilson’s secret forts yesterday.  they look incredible.  they’re handcrafted in the us and feature replaceable outsoles.  seems like a good investment to me.