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j. crew x new balance “independence day” 998


j. crew and new balance need to stop this madness.  i can’t take it anymore.  i missed out on the 998 inferno.  i will not miss out on their new limited edition collaboration: the “independence day” 998.  they were released exclusively at 3 stores this morning (ny, la and hong kong???) and will be available online on june 18.  if you were lucky enough to be one of the first 20 to cop earlier today, then you received a free ebbets field flannel 1776 hat (see below).  dear j. crew, hurry up and put a men’s store or liquor store or whatever in nashville, so we can get some sweet exclusives.  haven’t you heard that nashville is the “it” city?  everyone else is moving here.  you should too.

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homage to the usa

extreme patriotism expressed by frat guys in american flag t-shirts with eagles on them is pretty obnoxious.  this throwback “usa” t-shirt from homage is not.  it may be a little late to order for your independence day celebration, but it wouldn’t hurt you to wear year round.  homage has some good looking vintage-styled t-shirts for your shopping pleasure.  i would encourage you to check them out if you have some time.

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they don’t make ’em like they used to

i spent an hour of my time on saturday looking for a new golf visor online.  i don’t wear visors socially; i only wear them to play golf in the summer because it’s too hot to wear a hat.  i figured googling “golf visor” would garner the results i needed.  it didn’t.  all the visors that popped up were the sport kind – the ones that fit more like a hat with a hole in the top.  i didn’t want one of those.  i wanted an old-school, big-billed golf visor with the slide-to-fit clasp.  luckily, i had an opportunity to play golf at the golf club of tennessee yesterday.  i figured they might have exactly what i was looking for.  they had 4 of them and they were hidden behind the sport visors.  i grabbed the navy one below.

i can’t figure out why these visors are so hard to find.  they’re classic and look great.  if you find one at your club or while attending a golf event, please pick me up one.  i’ll get you back for it.