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verdict: espadrilles

espadrilles keep trying to make a comeback.  at the end of last summer, they started to gain some momentum – which has carried into 2011.  a friend of mine called me not too long ago and said he had just purchased a pair.  i told him i didn’t like them on dudes.  we then had a heated argument about the cheap shoes that could have potentially ended our friendship (not really but i think i made him mad).  and earlier this week valet listed them as part of their “spring shoe week.”  i can see their appeal (especially if you’re like me and think flip-flops were only made for the beach), but i just don’t think i’d look good in them.  now that they’re showing up more and more, i’m becoming more accepting of them.  verdict: if hemingway wore them, then they’re ok.  olivia palermo’s boyfriend wears them the right way (below).  with that said, we all don’t look like olivia palermo’s boyfriend, so proceed with caution.