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baracuta g9 in british tan

a year ago, a good friend of mine gave me his old baracuta g9 in olive green.  it was a size too big for me, but i fell in love with it regardless.  i don’t think i took it off for several months.  this spring i ordered one in my size (the original fits true to your jacket size).  the good news is that it arrived this afternoon; the bad news is that the temperature in nashville was 80 degrees today .  i’m hoping the weather will cool down for a week or two, so i can get a couple of wears in before it’s too hot.

if you’re thinking about buying a baracuta g9, do it.  it’s such a classic jacket.   i get more compliments on my green one than any other jacket in my closet.  and if you’re going to buy one, do it from o’connell’s clothing in buffalo, ny. they have a great selection and take excellent care of their customers.  i can’t recommend them enough.

the new “original” watch from swiss army

a blog to read has a nice write up on swiss army’s new “original” watch.  in a nutshell, it’s a more fashionable reproduction of the classic original watch they introduced in 1989.  with military watches and nato straps back in style, they’re going to sell a boatload of these.  the new original watch will retail for under $300.  i’ve got dibs on the black one.

christmas loot

my wife got me a filson briefcase for christmas.  i love it.  it was about time to retire the oversized black monster work provided me with.

she got me the 256 model which is the original.  a lot of people wonder if they can get their computer in there and my 15-inch dell (for work) and 15-inch mac ( for play) fit like a glove.  there’s no padding in it so you can’t throw it around, but why would you need to.  it’s got two big pockets inside and two pockets outside for extra document storage.  it’s the perfect bag for me.  i wouldn’t do much bigger.

time to man up

there comes a time in every man’s life when he discovers he needs a briefcase – like actually needs one.  i’m 2 months away from turning 30 and i need a briefcase.  i don’t want something huge and bulky.  i want something slim and sleek and will show age gracefully.  after much consideration, i’ve decided on the original filson briefcase.  i realize i have sort of a mancrush on filson these days, but take a good luck at this briefcase.  it measures 16 x 12.5 x 4.  it’s exactly what i’m looking for.  they make one slightly bigger, but i fear it will become too big when it breaks in.  i am fully prepared to order this week but might wait to see if santa brings me one for christmas.