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current obsession: red wing oxfords

it’s tough to justify wearing red wing work boots in the spring and summertime if you don’t technically need them for work.  ryan gosling is the exception, but he’s on a whole different level than you and me.  lucky for us, red wing makes a couple different styles of oxfords to solve this warm weather problem.  here are two options i have my eye on: 1) the red wing for j. crew plain toe oxford and 2) the red wing work oxford.  i don’t think i can go wrong with either one.

sizing tip: both of these oxfords are made on the 23 last which is the same last as the 875s, so you’re going to want to size down .5 or a whole size for them to fit correctly.

oak street bootmakers trail oxford

i hate the internet.  it’s an enabler for someone like me.  earlier today i was going through some of my favorite tumblrs when a picture of some beat-to-hell oak street bootmaker trail oxfords popped up.  they looked fantastic.  i went to oak street’s website to order some, but found out they were backordered 6 weeks (who has that kind of time?).  luckily i remembered a friend of mine told me imogene + willie just started carrying the trail oxford.  since i’m a 5 minute drive from i + w, i figured i might need to go check them out in person.  the plan was to try them on now and purchase them later, but they were too comfortable.  i bought them on the spot.  i guess i’m a sucker for horween chromexel leather and a vibram sole.

sizing tip: go a half size down.

have we gone too far?

if you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you know my obsession with red wing boots.  i love them.  i can’t quite find the perfect size in them but that’s another story.  i read a review this morning on their “postman” shoes.  the reviewer said they were one of his favorites.  now, i know we’re obsessed with anything heritage right now, but have we gone too far?  i’m sure these shoes are extremely tough and comfortable, but they look like old man shoes.  maybe i’m missing something here.  i realize i’m not the most fashionable man on earth and a lot of what i like is on a lot of other blogs that you also read, but these things are ugly.  i can’t imagine what my wife would say if these showed up in the mail (pun intended).  i can appreciate the history and craft of these shoes, but let’s leave the “postman” kicks to the postmen and postwomen.