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newman’s own


paul newman is the man.  the other day someone asked me who my favorite actor was and i said newman.  the sting and cool hand luke are two of my favorite movies of all time.  there’s no doubt he was a hollywood icon, a style icon, and for those of us that can’t rock a duck dynasty-esque beard, he was a beard icon (that is if one can be a beard icon – just go with it).  here are a few of my favorite shots of newman and his beard.  i’ve had newman’s own beard for almost a year now.  i hope it looks half as good as the real thing (my pics not included).

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for the summer: plastic aviators

i buy a new pair of sunglasses almost every summer.  i now have 5 or 6 pairs that i rotate on a weekly basis.  it keeps things fresh.  this summer i’ve got my eye on some plastic aviators like paul newman used to wear.  i’m not sure who made his exact shades, but ray-ban offers something just as close and probably half the price.  if you haven’t purchased a pair of sunglasses in a year or two, it’s time to treat yourself to some new shades.  you deserve it.

ray-ban cats 5000 (they sound futuristic don’t they):

the oscars tuxedo

in honor of the academy awards tonight, i present to you the academy’s best dressed tuxedo wearers.  the oscars are the one night in hollywood where it’s a requirement for hollywood’s leading men to wear tuxes and the ones that look the best are the one’s that keep it simple and traditional.  but seriously, if you don’t look good in a tux then i can’t help you.   Continue reading

essential: the gray sweatshirt

whether you have a gray, navy or faded black one, a good sweatshirt is something you should own.  growing up, my favorite sweatshirts were the gray ones that spelled out the name of a college on the front.  the more you washed those, the better they looked.  now designers are making throwbacks to the original sweatshirts you’d see on style icons steve mcqueen and paul newman (below).  check out two affordable options at j. crew and unionmade.  be sure to order two in case your wife of girlfriend steals one of them.

the case for a gentleman’s mustache

my wife and i watched the sting this past weekend with paul newman and robert redford.  it was my first time to see it.  incredible movie.  it’s amazing how many other movies have copied the sting’s formula.  before i go any further into this post, i want to point out that the sting won 7 oscars in 1973 including best picture and best costume design.  if you haven’t seen it, please check it out immediately.

newman’s mustache in the film should have garnered a best supporting actor nod.  it stole every scene newman was in.  nowadays mustaches are associated with child molesters and ironic hipsters, but that’s not how it used to be.  i watch all these old movies where many upper class people donned mustaches.  they weren’t trying to hide anything.  it was more of a necessary accessory like the bow tie is to the tux.  a well groomed mustache with good intentions is a classy look.  don’t grow one for a laugh.  grow one because it fits your lifestyle.  let’s leave the ironic mustaches to the last decade.  they’re not funny anymore.

style icon: paul newman

i couldn’t decide whether or not to call paul newman a style icon or the coolest guy that ever walked the face of the planet.  newman made casual cool.  i’m not talking oversized sweat pants and hoodies.  i’m talking about fitted jeans and t-shirts.  newman was comfortable in his own skin and probably didn’t think too much about what he looked like to other people.  confidence is king when it comes to style and newman had it.

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i saw this picture of paul newman in the latest issue of gq.  i think someone was asking the style guy what he thought about using products to slick back your hair.  i wish i had the cojones to slick mine back on occasion.  the real rub would be my receding hairline and my lack of sideburns.  plus, people in nashville might label me a douche.  true story.  if you can pull this look off without an ed hardy shirt and an earring, go for it.