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steve mcqueen persol sunglasses

i’ve avoided it for as long as i possibly could, but it’s time to say something about the persol steve mcqueen 714s.  anyone that has any sort of a style conscious knows steve mcqueen’s affect on men’s style and/or men’s style blogs.  he’s probably the reason i started paying attention to how i looked after college in the first place.  now persol has teamed with sunglass hut to offer a special edition of 714s with steve mcqueen’s name etched on the sides.  i’m not really sure why they felt the need to make this a “special edition” since 714s were readily available, but i’ll take it.  i bought a pair of black 714s on my honeymoon but sold them on ebay shortly after because i got sick of the folding.  now that these are available i might have to purchase as a collectors item.  you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses imo.