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first wash

i have to take my favorite pair of jeans (apc petit standards) to the denim doctor tomorrow before the crotch blows out.  i’m hoping i can get two more good years out of them before they’re officially retired.  they’ve never been washed, so i gave them their first bath today.  if you’re worried about washing your raw denim for the first time, don’t be.  it’s really easy.  here’s a quick step-by-step: 1) fill your bathtub with lukewarm water 2) pour a little bit of woolite dark in the tub 3) submerge jeans and gently rub off dirt 4) let them sit for 20-30 minutes 5) rinse out soap 6) hang to dry.  as you can see riley was extremely curious about the process.

the gateway denim

the genius behind f**k yeah menswear posted something about denim yesterday.  in his post he referred to apc as “the gateway denim.”  i had to chuckle because apc is my first foray into the raw denim world.

last spring when i went to new york, the only thing i wanted was a pair of raw, untreated denim jeans.  my first stop on my quest was at self edge.  great spot.  i can’t remember the guy’s name that helped me that day, but he gave me the rundown on everything i needed to know when looking for the right pair of jeans.  i fell in love with one pair there, but paying $300 for my first pair of raw denim felt a little ridiculous.

the quest continued at several other spots including j. crew (who had just joined the raw denim world), rrl (where no one would help me), and a few other places.  apc was the last stop of the day.  i had done a little research on apc at a few bloggers recommendations so i knew what to expect when i went in there.  i first tried on the new standards and loved them.  the dude helping me recommended i try on the petit standards and said they looked better on me.  he was gay so i took his word for it.

i spent my whole saturday night in my new pair of apc petit standards.  i couldn’t walk or squat to tie my shoes, but that didn’t matter because i had what i came for.  i’m also 5’9” so i had to roll up my jeans a significant amount.  i think i looked ridiculous.  when i got back from the trip and showed them to my then soon-to-be wife, she was horrified.  they were dark and stiff and rolled.  i explained to her that they would break in over time and i would get them cut off soon enough.

it’s now been 9 months with my jeans and i probably couldn’t live without them.  i love them.  i look forward to coming home and putting them on.  they’re comfortable as hell and have started to age in the right spots.  i’ll probably give them another couple of months before i wash them.  i love the color and don’t want to lose it.  they’ve definitely become a piece of me.

i can see why apc is the gateway denim.  it’s cheap and it’s good quality shit.  i think i’ll go for the hard stuff when i buy a new pair this summer.  maybe some of that 21 oz shit.  maybe some of that imogene + willie shit all the bloggers are talking about.  i’m hooked.  there’s no turning back now.

one day

this pic comes from a random post via nickel cobalt.  it says early 2000’s rrl.  they look incredible.  i bought my first pair of raw denim jeans 5 months ago.  i spent a whole day in new york looking for the perfect starter pair and went with the apc petit standards.  they are by far my favorite pair of jeans that i’ve owned in this lifetime.  they’re also the right price.  i tried on a bunch at self edge, rrl, and a couple of other spots but couldn’t justify the price…yet.  i get it now though.  i can’t wait to see what my apcs look like in a year.  many pics to come.