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nashville neighborhood maps by huntr

there are certain things i find online or in this case caroline of back down south finds online that i must blog about immediately.  these nashville neighborhood maps by huntr are one of those things.  they come in 6 great looking colors and feature – you guessed it – nashville’s neighborhoods.  as a native nashvillian, i need one of these on my wall as soon as possible.  great find, caroline.

the best on earth and on mars

no rhyme or reason for this post.  well, maybe it’s because i was talking about space jam the other day and that got me thinking about how great the michael jordan and spike lee commercials were.  nike owned the 90’s.  i remember my first and second pair of jordans.  i trashed them.  not on purpose.  mostly because this was a time in my life when shoe’s were supposed to be worn and not preserved.  i wish i still had my jordan 1s.  i think a lot of people would say those are their favorite shoe of all time.


the avett brothers in atl

they’ll be here in nashville this october.  i’m looking forward to it.  poster via bradleybrad