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happy presidents’ day

i had the day off today.  i played golf this morning, had lunch with friends, and then went to the movies by myself.  i’m sure our founding fathers would approve of how i spent my presidents day.  i hope you’re having as good of a day as i’ve had (even if you had to work).

i’m willing to bet 8 out of 10 men’s style bloggers are mentioning something about jfk today and how he’s the most stylish president we’ve ever had.  i’m not going to disagree.  obama is a nice dresser, but jfk is the man when it comes to presidential style – skinny ties, slim-cut charcoal suits for work and ray-bans, rolled-up khakis and oxford shirts for the weekend.  these iconic looks are still relevant in 2011.

on the next page are a few of my favorite shots of him and his impeccable style.  you’ve probably seen them 100 times by now, but i figured i might as well get into the presidents’ day spirit by posting them.  enjoy.   Continue reading

carnal knowledge: true prep at its finest

i caught a jack nicholson biography on tv about a month ago.  one segment of the bio mentioned jack’s 1971 film carnal knowledge.  when i googled the film, i was surprised to see it was directed by mike nichols – the same man that gave us the graduate. i added it to my netflix queue and finally watched it one night last week.  the film follows two friends (nicholson and art garfunkel) on their sexual escapades from their college days in the 1950’s to present day 1971.  nicholson’s character confuses sex with love and garfunkel’s character can’t stop searching for the ideal women.  both situations make things difficult for the protagonists.

plot aside, the style in the film cannot be overlooked.  it plays like a true prep’s checklist.  bow ties.  check.  tweed jackets.  check.  saddle oxford shoes.  check.  toggle coat.  add it to the list.  it’s ivy league style at its finest.  the girls look incredible as well.  in the second picture, garfunkel is trying to pick up a young candice bergen who’s wearing a yellow plaid skirt and tight sweater.  later in the film she has on a camel haired overcoat.  i give the film a b+ overall and an a for style.  click read more to see more stills.

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