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style icon: rachel bilson

i have a bit of a crush on rachel bilson.  i think she’s gorgeous.  it’s not just her physical features, but the way she dresses.  it doesn’t matter what she’s doing, she always looks cool.  i saw her on chelsea lately last night and realized we’re more alike than i could have imagined.  we both love the goonies and fat babies.  that aside, i figured it’d be nice to give my female readers a little something by showcasing the best dressed lady in hollywood.  enjoy.

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been a while since i had a nice pic of rachel bilson on here.  she’s my favorite.  i hope you’re having a nice start to the day.

denim on demin

i’m a fan of denim on denim especially when rachel bilson is involved.  special shout out to for continuously covering rachel bilson.  she needs to be in more movies and/or tv shows.  let’s make it happen, hollywood.

mas bilson please

it’s friday.  i’m allowed to post whatever i want so why not a picture of rachel bilson.  ok, it’s done.  she nails it every time.  sooner or later i’ll see a picture of a celebrity and think “you know what they’re no that hot,” but not with her.  she never fails me.  thank you rachel bilson.

the argument: the jean jacket

i started working on this post last week and since then i’ve seen jean jackets mentioned on gq and valet.  my inspiration for the post was a direct result of the photo above – which i believe is being used as a promo shot for brandon flowers’ new solo album.  it’s hard not to notice the jacket before you realize who’s in the photo.  it’s an alexander mcqueen jacket that flowers bought five years ago.  he said he wears it 90% of his days.  i believe it.  it looks worn in all the right places.

all canadian tux jokes aside, do jean jackets ever go out of style?  i remember seeing ryan adams wear one (pic after jump) when i was in college and then trying to find something like it online.  i never pulled the trigger because i knew i would catch hell from my friends.  i guess my point being: buy one now, wear it, hide it, and pull it back out when it’s relevant again in 10 years.

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goodbye summer

pun intended to those that used to watch the o.c. summer was officially over a week ago, but we had temperatures in the 90’s until this past saturday.  this morning i woke up to an overcast day in the high 60’s.  it was perfect.  i’m ready for the fall weather, but will miss girls in their cutoff blue jean shorts.  hopefully this trend will continue it’s resurgence next summer.  thank you rachel bilson for wearing it so well.

hello rachel bilson

if someone asked me how i wanted my wife or girlfriend to dress, i would say exactly like rachel bilson.