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book review: icons of men’s style

i received my copy of icons of men’s style yesterday and couldn’t be happier.  it’s exactly what i expected/wanted.  it’s broken down into 7 chapters: outerwear, trousers, shoes, underwear, tailoring, shirts & sweaters, and accessories.  each chapter takes a garment in that category, tells the story, and names the icon(s) who made it popular.  below are a few shots of the book.  if you’ve ever looked up to mcqueen, dean, grant or other trailblazers of yesterday, then buy this book or buy it for a friend.  it’s money well spent. 

weekend review

this picture sums up my entire weekend.  my wife was out of town so i spent my whole saturday in this leather chair due to the rain (notice the bean boots).  i watched 3 movies, a basketball game, and saturday night live.  i think i took this picture late saturday night after a couple of whiskey drinks and a few beers.  i was trying to take a picture of the guitar because it’s a beautiful beautiful thing, but the rest of the room fit.  quiet weekends like these are my favorite (but with my wife in town of course).

necessary: the ipad 2

i’m an apple fan.  full disclosure: i waited in line for the last 2 iphones the day they came out.  am i embarrassed?  no, not at all.  they’ve served me well.  i’ve convinced friends and parents to make the transition to apple.  macs are so much easier to use i tell them.  after they buy one, they agree.  so when apple made the announcement about the ipad 2 today, i was on @macrumorslive following the presentation.  i almost wrecked my car when i saw steve jobs was there.

i didn’t buy the first ipad.  i can’t tell you why.  i wanted to.  i don’t know how many times i walked into the apple store with the intent to purchase one and then walked back out.  i think it’s mostly about price.  i couldn’t part with $700.  in all honesty, i still don’t want to, but i have to.  the new ipad 2 is thinner, lighter, and faster than the old one.  in addition, they’ve added a camera on both sides of the device so you can use it to capture images or use the facetime app.  they’re also releasing garage band and imovie for the ipad, so you can edit and create content on the go.  i’m impressed.

white authentics with leather laces

i apologize for the lack of posts lately.  my internet at work has been a bit messed up.  i need to start auto-posting the night before so i can keep up.  i’ve got a lot of good stuff planned for the next couple of weeks.

with spring right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about new kicks.  my favorite spring/summer shoe is either the vans slip-on or the authentic (above).  i’ve always gone with black, gray or navy when buying either shoe, but this spring i’m going to branch out and get white authentics.

white shoes are a tricky thing to pull off.  you don’t want to look too hip hop or like you’re trying too hard to look cool.  the break in period usually consists off some ridicule from your friends, wife or girlfriend.  fear not.  give them some character by adding leather laces to the equation.  the white laces don’t do the shoes any favors.  i stole this idea from ryan at [you have broken the internet].  here are a shot of his authentics:

required listening

given weezer’s current status as a joke it was hard for me to pick this album for required listening, but it’s too good to ignore.  i remember making my mom take me to tower records immediately after school to get it.  it was life or death at that point.  i had to have it.  in the pre-internet days, we had no exposure to track listing or cover art before the album came out, so pinkerton came as a bit of a surprise.  there was no photo of the band and the cover and inside of the album were heavily asian influence.  what the hell?  was this the same band that made a name for themselves singing about sweaters and buddy holly?  even the title of the first song “tired of sex” threw me off (i was in 9th grade at this point and my carnal knowledge was a bit lacking).  all of that aside, the first single they released “el scorcho” was enough to make me want to sit down with the album for hours, so that’s what i did.  i listened to it religiously for the next month – trying to understand it.  i loved the music and the words and the hooks, but it lacked the relevancy of my life as a 9th grader.  what had weezer done to me?  their second album was supposed to change my life.  it didn’t.

the thing about great music is that it grows with you.  a lot of the albums that i didn’t understand in high school make sense now.  pinkerton is no exception.  the songs were about what rivers cuomo was going through in his twenties post a little success.  he was maturing and his music was too (unfortunately he’s regressed significantly since).  pinkerton is a dark album about love (“across the sea”, “falling for you”), growing older (“tired of sex”, “the good life”) and heartbreak (“why bother”, “butterfly”).  if you get past the upbeat tempo of the songs, it’s a sad sad place which explains why it wasn’t the gigantic success some were hoping for.

i’ve heard weezer is going to do a tour in support of the blue album and pinkerton.  that’s a concert i’d go see.  i may be approaching thirty, but these songs mean so much more to me now – having gone through the same problems cuomo sings about pinkerton (with the exception of falling in love with a lesbian on “pink triangle”).  there’s no better feeling than putting on an album you haven’t listened to in years and singing every word at the top of your lungs like it came out last week.  the blue album may be the album everyone remembers weezer for, but it’s pinkerton that’s truly special.

new balance for j. crew review

i finally got my kicks last night.  i want to go ahead and apologize for my shotty photo work.  a new camera is top 5 on my list of things to purchase.

i’m a new balance kind of guy.  i bought my first pair of gray 999s in 7th grade and have been a fan ever since.  i’ve probably owned 50 to 60 pairs since then (i had a major shoe buying problem in college).  needless to say i was pumped to open these bad boys last night.

the first thing you notice about them is the color.  they are a darker green as opposed to the bright, popping green i’ve seen in pictures.  that was a major plus for me, because i’d like for people to spot them but not because they’re loud.

the next thing i noticed was that the construction of the shoe was pretty much flawless.  there were no loose threads hanging anywhere and no wear marks or spots on the shoe (take note zappos).  they looked like they had been inspected and placed with care in the box (again take note zappos).  the suede is extremely soft and one punch with my thumb when trying them on made an indention that i had to smooth back out.

the fit of the shoe is true to size but on the narrow size.  i wear a 9.5 and had a little under .5 an inch worth of room at the end.  if you have a wide foot, go one .5 size up.  the shoe is ridiculously comfortable due to the soft new balance insole.  keep in mind these are not for running (get the 991s for that).

i’m impressed with the collaboration, but not the $140 price tag.  it’s the most i’ve ever paid for a pair of new balance shoes and that’s saying something (especially after you add in shipping).  with that said, i’ll probably do it again with the navy the next time i get paid.