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behind every great man…

…there’s a great dog.  for the record, i’m not saying i’m great; i just thought it sounded clever (sorry trip).  i wanted to take some blog space to share a few more pics of riley.  i got her a little over 5 years ago and couldn’t imagine life without her.  she’s one of the coolest dogs i’ve ever been around.  she didn’t chew anything up when she was a pup and she hasn’t barked since the first night i brought her home.  her only fault would be that she likes people too much – which is the case with 99% of labrador retrievers.  i’m not gonna lie – it’s hard work, but it’s fun work.  if you’re thinking about getting a dog, do it.  it’s one of the best decisions i’ve ever made.

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skull + crossbones dog collar from knot belt co.

i have the world’s sweetest dog.  i realize i’m biased and cannot prove this statement, but i’ll put her up against any other dog.  as much as appreciate her sweet disposition, i’ve always wanted her to have a little bit of an edge just in case i was in trouble and needed protection or whatever.  well, that’s never gonna happen, so why not make her look tough with with this skull + crossbones dog collar from knot belt co.  she’ll still roll over on her back in the face of danger, but at least she’ll look like a total badass.

weekend review (atlanta trip)

my wife and i took the day off friday and went to atlanta.  after lunch, i dropped her off at phipps and made my way to sid mashburn.  i had every intention of taking a few pictures when i arrived, but chickened out when i got out of the car ’cause i didn’t want to be “that guy.”  i stole the picture above from google images (sorry if you own it).

the store was exactly how i expected it to be.  it was somewhat crowded due to it being lunch hour and the 40% off sale that was happening all weekend.  it’s an impressive place.  i took a good hard luck at the famous mashburn double monks (great review jeremiah) .  a guy next to me picked them up, showed them to his buddy, and said who would wear these (obviously he’s not a blogger).  the one item that i fell in love with was not a sid mashburn original, but a pair of alden tassel loafers.  i’ve seen them a hundred times before, but this time something was different.  i’ve never been a big fan of tassel loafers, but in person these are one of the best looking pairs of shoes i’ve ever seen.  i’ll be ordering some very soon.

i left mashburn’s empty handed.  i had every intention of spending some green faces, but was intimidated by the amount of loot i wanted.  i figured i’d be back down there later this fall.  we finished the afternoon with stops at phipps and lenox and then headed to dinner at one of my wife’s favorite places: tin lizzy’s.

we returned from atlanta early saturday afternoon.  one of the reasons for the rush was because my allen edmonds mora’s were supposed to be waiting for me on our doorstep.  they were not.  the ups driver needed a signature.  massive bummer, but that means they’ll be here today i.e. i will be updating the ups website every 5 minutes or so.

one of the best parts of the weekend was running in the nike free run 2 shoes.  i have issues finding running shoes that are comfortable, so i gave these a try.  i love ’em.  they’re supposed to be as close to barefoot running as you can get without buying those feety looking things.  details gave them their endorsement, but said they were suit appropriate.  they are not.  don’t wear them with a suit or you will look ridiculous.

saturday night we went to a friend’s mom’s 60th birthday party (don’t judge, because it was incredible).  i should have taken some pictures.  there was a live bluegrass band, fresh fried catfish, and plenty of alcohol – one of the best times i’ve had all summer.  last night, we picked up some local taco and watched our sunday night shows (true blood, curb, and breaking bad).  riley loves sunday nights because she gets to chill on the couch.  solid weekend all around.

quick weekend review

dinner with friends on friday followed by rise of the planet of the apes.  should have skipped that one.  company picnic saturday morning and family dinner that night.  yesterday was the real highlight.  we took the dogs to the greenway and let them swim.  riley went down for the count around 8 as you can see below.  sometimes there’s nothing more fun than watching a couple of dogs swim on a hot summer day.

machine washed and sun dried

we had a nice, sunny weekend here in nashville, so i decided to wash my old pair of vans and let them dry in the sun.  when i wasn’t paying attention, my lab grabbed one of them and ran around the yard.  i gave chase, but she got tired and gave up.  she was quite proud of herself as you can see in the last photo.