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adidas reissuing rod laver shoes


adidas rod laver tennis shoes might be my favorite tennis shoes of all time.  i’ve run through close to 3 pairs.  that might not sound like a lot, but i bought my first pair when i was a sophomore in college.  that was forever ago.  rumor has it they’re reissuing the original shoe from the 60’s.  this is good news because 2 years ago they added a new outsole that increased the weight of the shoe about 20 pounds or at least it felt like it.  the reissues were supposed to be on on thursday, but i didn’t see them when i just checked.  i will continue to check back until i get these shoes.  they will be mine.  oh yes they will be mine.



the year of the superstar


last year we had the stan smith.  this year it’s the superstar.  they’re popping up everywhere and i’ll be honest, i like them.  i’ve owned a couple of pairs over the years, but not since 2007 i believe (i think my ex-wife threw them out or at least recommended i do so).

the superstar was the first low-top leather basketball shoe to be made.  it’s easily identifiable by its rubber toe box which people called the “shell shoe.”  after they’re introduction, they were quickly adopted by the hip-hop community and immortalized in the run-dmc song “my adidas.”

it’s nice to see adidas making such a triumphant comeback.  if they could just go back to making the rod laver without the added weight of the new gum sole, i would be a happy man.

and for those wondering how you wear them, this is how you do it:


(apologies for not giving photo credit.  i grabbed it off of tumblr.  if it’s your photo, let me know and i’ll add it.)

re: new balance

new balance is slowly taking over the sneaker game.  well, mostly with hipsters and style bloggers.  for good reason too.  i’d argue they’re the most comfortable casual/athletic shoe on the market.  i tried to wear nike dunk lows for a year of my life, but stopped cause i looked like i was trying too hard.  this weekend i tried on the adidas campus 80 suede sneaks below (the grey ones) and they felt great.  i had a pair as a kid, but that was a long time ago.  why have i been focusing so much on new balances lately?  the two shoes below from adidas are two of my personal favorites and must-haves if you’re a shoe junkie like myself.

rod laver

campus 80

you can’t go wrong with either one.