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rugby university duck boot tie

via sartorially inclined and available at rugby


fall essential

there’s a special place in my heart for driving caps.  i think it’s because so many old pictures of my dad consist of him wearing one to work or on the golf course.  i don’t think i can pull one off in a casual setting, but i might be able to get away with wearing it in my car on the way to work this winter.  i like the herringbone cap above from rugby.  it looks like a good quality cap at a great price.

rugby jeans box set

if you need a quick wardrobe fix, look no further than rugby’s limited edition jeans box set.  comes with a pair of selvedge denim jeans handcrafted in the usa, a rugby tie, and a “rules of the game” manual.  there are 100 available so act fast if interested.  on second look i’m not crazy about the patch on the jeans, but the quality looks solid.  they were made in one of oldest denim mills in the country.  interesting.