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a word about runaway

kanye west’s much hyped short film runaway debuted this weekend online.  i watched the whole thing saturday night on my computer.  when it ended, i was confused.  what the hell did i just watch?  don’t get me wrong – the music was great – but what about the rest of it?  twitter was an awful place to hide from it.  people were blowing up twitter talking about how they’ve never seen anything so cool.  i’m not a hater by any means, but what am i missing?  do i need to watch it on a bigger screen?  i get the phoenix metaphor and understand why it’s important for him to rise from the ashes and prove everyone wrong, but can you really call all 34 minutes art?  i don’t know.  maybe i need to watch it again.  i’m unimpressed.  if someone can enlighten me, i’d really appreciate it.


i told myself that i wasn’t going to post “runaway” on this blog.  i’ve tried and tried to avoid it, but i can’t resist any longer.  i won’t call it a great song (he’s done better), but it’s the song of the moment.  i hope you can listen to it without missing the point.  he’s not celebrating being a douchebag or an asshole.  he’s saying i’ve been those things.  don’t get close to me.  i’ve screwed up and i’m tired of it. 

“i’m so gifted at finding what i don’t like the most” – who can’t relate to that line?  no one’s perfect.  i’m glad kanye’s finally realized this.  dude’s done some major growing up lately.