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sale alert: penfield gibson


my favorite rain jacket is on sale at penfield.  the gibson.  sizes and colors are limited, but it’s marked down from $160 to $96.  that’s a steal.  i have the navy.  i ordered one in olive.  it’s pretty much the only rain jacket you’ll need all summer.

once again the baracuta g9


i hope you know this jacket.  if you don’t know it, get to know it.  behold the baracuta g9.  it’s a classic.  i’ve blogged about it at least 3 times now.  yeah, it’s expensive as hell.  and yeah, it’s pretty basic, but it’s a jacket you need to own.  while everyone else is out there in last year’s bomber, you can carve your own path in the g9.

here’s the skinny on sizing: it’s slim fit.  here’s the other skinny on sizing: the size measurements are uk sizing.  what does that mean?  it means a 38 is not an american 38.  it fits more like an american 34-36.  size up.  if your jacket size is a 38, you’re going to need a 40 or 42.  want more proof?  i stole the graphic below straight from their website.  don’t say i didn’t warn you.


on sale: the i+w jack canvas utility coat


you gotta love the changing of the seasons.  a lot of the time that means sales.  imogene and willie has been trying to unload some of their inventory this week.  the jack canvas utility coat is currently marked down from $265 to $165.  that’s a savings of a $100 to you and me.  they’re out of smalls, but everything else is in stock.  better act fast.

black friday: ledbury

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 11.38.37 AM

i’m not a black friday shopping kind of dude, but i don’t mind saving money when i get the chance.  one sale that you can’t miss today is at ledbury.  all of their shirts are 35% off.  that’s insane.  i bought 3 this morning, because last year i tried to get in on this goodness and missed the boat on every shirt in my size.  get over there now and stock up while you can.  here’s one i copped:


that’s what i’m talkin’ ’bout.


the work shoe: allen edmonds park avenue

i’m about to retire my old dress shoes.  i’ve had the same johnston and murphy black oxford cap toe dress shoes since freshman year of college (embarrassing i know).  no offense to j&m but their shoes don’t make your heart swoon.  i’ve tried other dress shoes in this 10 year period – both cheap and expensive but i always go back to my j&m’s cause they’re worn in.  sure, they might be a half size too large but my feet have molded to them.  it’s tough to part with comfort.

full disclosure: i’m a banker.  i have been for almost 3 years.  when i left my hip music industry job, someone more informed than me said “have you bought your allen edmonds yet?”  it was meant to be somewhat of a jab at bankers, but then he informed me that all bankers wear allen edmonds.  noted.

i’m now three days away (payday) from purchasing my first pair of allen edmonds and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  they’re running a “rediscover america” sale on their website where you can receive 14.92% off their shoes.  the deal is good through columbus day.  get it?

this will be my second go at allen edmonds.  i bought a pair at their denver store last april, but the idiot shoe salesmen sold me on a pair a full size bigger than i needed (he was extremely convincing).  when buying shoes, trust your foot.  my foot failed me in the store.  i should have done my research.  the last that the allen edmonds park avenue shoe is built on is a long, narrow last.  what does that mean?  it means that i should have sized down a half rather than up a half.  my foot is narrow to begin with.  lesson learned.

dress shoes are something you need to spend money on.  as you grow older, you’ll notice that other men will check out your footwear.  don’t let it creep you out.  nice shoes are important and allen edmonds park avenues are the cadillac of dress shoes.  don’t be the guy in the meeting with the box-toed oxfords (i noticed one of my colleagues had some on this morning).  people will notice.