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my 2013 wishlist

i’ve had this post in mind since the end of january.  i can’t remember what caused the delay, but i’m glad i’m finally getting around to it.  i thought it would be fun to make a wish list for 2013 to see if a) i could save some money and b) stick to a list.  i would like to think that each of these items is attainable over this calendar year, but one depends on a band’s touring schedule which i have absolutely no control over.


a leather jacket: no, i’m not having a midlife crisis (i’m only 32).  i’ve wanted a leather jacket since i was old enough to listen to rock and roll.  i’ve come to the realization that i couldn’t pull off a schott perfecto one star like the ramones wore, so i’ll probably stick to something like the above todd snyder joint.

2006 Coachella Music Festival - Day 1

daft punk in concert:  their new album drops at the end of this month.  have you heard “get lucky” yet?  if not, then you have been living under a rock.  it’s f’ing amazing.  i’m going to guess that they’ll play a few dates in support of the new record, but who knows for sure since they’re since they’re so damn secretive.  if i have to travel to paris to see them, then so be it.  i’m in.


gibson flying v guitar: again, i am not having a midlife crisis.  i love guitars.  they are pieces of art (and they’re great to show off when you have babes over).  the flying v has been on my radar ever since i saw noel gallagher play one in the video for “d’you know what i mean.”  and yeah, i still love oasis in case you were curious.


sam cooke live at the harlem square club on vinyl: this is the single greatest live album ever recorded.  period.  (post on why coming soon.)  if you don’t own it, download it immediately.  no one beats sam cooke – especially on vinyl.

what’s on your wish list for 2013?

required listening

rarely would i recommend you listen to someone’s greatest hits unless it’s absolutely necessary.  few artist move me quite like sam cooke.  for what it’s worth i consider him the founder of soul music.  you’ve heard “what a wonder world” and “you send me” countless times, but have you really sat down and listened to “a change is gonna come?”  as a white male, i can’t pretend to know what blacks went through and still go through, but that song is as powerful as a statement as one could make on civil rights.  “i was born by the river in a little tent / oh and just like the river i’ve been running since / it’s been a long time comin’ / but i know a change is gonna come.”  that song brought hope to so many people.  can you imagine having that kind of impact?  unreal.  some of my other favorites are “only sixteen,” “cupid,”good times”, and “that’s where it’s at.”  with that said my favorite song of his will always be “bring it on home to me” – quite possibly the sexiest, most romantic song ever written.  god bless you sam cooke.