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the return of the tretorn

if you’ve been reading your blogroll lately, you’ve probably seen tretorns mentioned enough to make you take notice.  i certainly have.  they’re quickly becoming a new summer standard to rotate in with your authentics and lavers.  most are going with the white and changing out laces to add a personal touch.  i like the white ones, but i’m gonna change it up and get these navy ones found here.  tretorns are not a new brand.  they’ve been around since 1891 and released the canvas nylite tennis shoe in 1967.  they were considered the first luxury tennis shoe and were prominent in the 1970s.  i’m glad to see them making a comeback.

skip brooks of alex grant in his tretorns

nico of nickel cobalt in his tretorns

lawrence of sartorially inclined in his tretorns

run of the mill double monk strap shoes

the men’s style blogosphere blew up last week when lawrence from sartorially inclined dropped his run of the mill double monk strap shoes.  i’ll admit i didn’t get hip to double monk straps until i started following sartorially inclined a year or so ago.  in fact, i emailed lawrence while i was in new york last month and asked where i could find some double monk straps for somewhere in between $250-$400.  he said i probably couldn’t find any on the cheap and to wait until his “dub monks” were on the market next month.  well, they’re officially here and available for pre-order.  i think they look fantastic.  the shoes were made in one of the finest ready-to-wear shoe factories in italy.  they also kept the design simple by using a more rounded last which is not as aggressive as some of the pointier double monks on the market.  if you’re thinking about buying a pair of double monks, this is a great entry point.  review to come when they get delivered.

rugby university duck boot tie

via sartorially inclined and available at rugby